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Online File Converter

Today is an era of digitalization. Due to the rapid increase in digitalization, file conversion is becoming popular day by day. Sometimes, we receive a file that we need to convert to a different format. Now, there are various file online file converter available in the online market by which you can easily convert the document into your required format. Not all file converters are productive.

Most of the converters have certain limits on the number, type as well as format of files. But there are some file converters as well that are free from such limitations and have made the entire process effective and efficient. Yes! You read it right! Now, the process of conversion has become straightforward. You need to upload your document in an online file converter and press the “Convert” button, and you are good to go. With the help of these file converters, you can convert a file into any format whether it is in PDF, DOC, MP3, PNG, JPG or WAV. 

In this article, we are going to highlight the top best online file converters of this year. Just go through the list and choose a converter that you like the best according to your conversion needs. Let’s discover these top free online file converters that can fulfill all your formatting needs.

Online File converter free

One of the top and best online file converters of this year is It is a great file conversion tool that can convert the files very easily and in just a few seconds. This free converter supports various file formats such as the formats of documents, images, audio, video, archive, and book. It also offers several features of file conversion. has a simple and clean interface that is quite user-friendly. For converting your file through, first, you need to go to its site and choose the file from your system to upload. Then, select the desired format and click, “Convert.” 

Wonder share file converter 

The second in our list of top online file converters is the Wonder share file converter. It is becoming popular day by day, due to its incredible document converting features. It supports thousands of formats. The process of converting a file through the Wonder share file converter is straightforward. Upload your file from the system and convert it. The best part is that you do not need to download any software or pay for the service. 

Small PDF 

Small PDF is a great online converter that magically converts PDF files into editable Word files. It provides the best quality files in few seconds. What makes it apart from other PDF to Word converters is that it offers 16 PDF tools as well as functionalities. This free file converter can work on any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. 


Zamzar is also one of the best online video converters that not only allows you to convert videos but also gives the option of downloading them. You can choose the video from your system or any video sharing website such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

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