On-demand staffing app Uber Works for restaurants, parties or events: Complete guide

Uber Works

On-Demand Staffing. How does it work? If you are an employer, you might face situations where an employee becomes a no-show, or you are not able to handle the business hub in the peak hours. In such times, you can seek the help of an online On-Demand Staffing service like Uber Works. They will provide temporary staff for the employer. You can pay the staff on an hourly basis. 

The basic flow

Fix rates for an hour and post your requirements as an employer in the Uber Works app. The temporary staff will accept the shift and contact you. The location of the employer and other additional instructions such as working hours, pay, contact details, attire for the job, and more will be mentioned. The employee can schedule a shift, mark breaks, and clock out once their shift is over. Based on the number of hours they have worked, payment will be made. This app is the savior of many employers who have so much requirement or sudden no-shows. 

How does it work?

Uber Works app functions as an advantage for both the employer and the employee. There are separate login pages and options for each of them. The employer has to place the request for temporary staff, and the nearest available employee will be notified about it. The employee will view the details of the shift and then accepts it. 

Employer portal

The employer will have to key in the following details in the panel provided for him/her:

  • Choosing a service
  • Specifying an attire for that day
  • Location
  • Number of hours
  • Fixed pay per hour
  • Other additional details if any

This app can be used by small-scale and large-scale industries. Once an employee is assigned, his/her contact details, reviews, and ratings will be sent to the employer of the day. He can review the employee information before he reaches the destination. After the employee service is complete, the concerned person at the organization can rate the employee and write feedback about his work and attitude. 

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Employee Portal

As mentioned earlier, the employee also has a separate panel to log in. An employee can register with the app only after thorough verification. He/she has to submit the documents and other verification details requested in the app. After the verification process is over, they will be approved, and they can start accepting jobs from the employer. The employee has to:

  • Upload documents
  • Undergo verification
  • Search for jobs based on their time convenience
  • Use filters to find the perfect job
  • Accept the job posted by the employer
  • Confirm the payment
  • Clock in when the shift begins
  • Mark break when required
  • Clock out when the shift timings are over. 

Using this app, people who are looking for temporary jobs can easily get one. Payments will be made right after they complete their shifts. They can also review the ratings of an employer once he/she accepts the job. There are several filters using which you can choose the right service you can render. It is not necessary that you should take up only one kind of service. If you are a person who is a pro in carrying out multiple services, then you can take up the service of your choice. 

Build an app similar to Uber Works

Similar to Uber Works, other businessmen/businesswomen can develop an app for their business and supply temporary staff to other employers who are in need of it. There is a ready-made solution like Gojek clone app for building an app similar to Uber Works. You can register as an employer and provide staff for on-demand services that are requested. Additional filters can be employed in the app, and features that are not needed can be removed. With this app, you do not have to store any records of the employee and maintain it. The app will do it for you. 

Bookmark your favorite temporary staff

The list of workers hired and the list of places where the staff has provided service will be present in the employer and the employee panel, respectively. You can also whitelist workers who have provided exceptional service to contact them in the future. When the hiring authority wants to find a worker, the staff available in the whitelist will be displayed first if they are available. 

Payment for extended shifts

There are several payment gateways available for the employer to pay the employee. The payment will be credited once the service ends. The facility for increasing the shift hours or payment is also available. The employer can extend the shift timings and pay more to the employee after updating it in the app. The employees do not have to pay any membership or subscription fee to be a part of this app. It is a boon for the staffing agencies as they can enter into a partnership with such apps and increase their profit. 

Wrapping up

The on-demand staffing app is based on the recurring on-demand services on the market. You can already see a number of Uber clone apps in the digital space. Uber works is one of the intriguing ideas from the ride-hailing giant Uber and it is here to stay. Launch your own version of this app and start to climb into the mountain of entrepreneurship.

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