Technology’s Upcoming Effects on Tourism


Almost everyone is excited whenever there is a new technological advancement. This is particularly true in tourism. In recent years, more and more people have been able to enjoy faster and more comfortable flights and easier means to book their stay. Thankfully, developers are still creating more means to improve tourism. The following are some things travelers may soon experience as developers try to satisfy their needs.

#1 More useful applications

There are already many helpful apps in the market today that allow travelers to conveniently book what they need as they travel, including transportation in and around the city they are visiting. However, developers are expected to unveil even more powerful apps that may track a person’s luggage or complete all their travel needs without needing to switch over to a different application.

#2 More reliable chatbots

In many industries, chatbots are used to answer customers’ concerns. While many travel agencies, hotels, and other travel-related websites also use these bots, there are still many issues. The hope is that AI will soon make these chatbots more flexible and reliable so that queries are answered accurately and promptly. You may need some programming assignment help to learn how to develop a chatbot yourself.

#3 Augmented reality

There are already some tourist spots that are making use of augmented reality to enhance their offerings. It is expected that many more destinations, hotels, airports, and restaurants will also do the same. Aside from giving travelers basic information about the place, they may even inform tourists of key details, such as age and health restrictions, so that people do not need to ask, they just check their phone. 

#4 Virtual reality

Another possibility soon is touring the world virtually. With this, a person can visit places around the world in the comfort of their home, seeing places that may be too expensive, too difficult, or too dangerous to reach. Although some in the tourism industry may be worried about this becoming a hit, as it may stop some from actually visiting such destinations, the ultimate goal is to get people interested in really going to these locations to see and experience everything themselves.

#5 Safer online payment systems

Sadly, a boom in tourism technology also means an increase in cybercrime. The good news is that developers are working on even better solutions to protect people from becoming victims of these crooks. So expect better means to protect your data and your bank accounts from these cyber thieves.

#6 Smarter equipment

Because the dangers of missing luggage, umbrellas, and other important travel items are real, expect such items to soon carry chips for easy tracking. These chips will ensure you find your items in a crowded airport or the backseat of a taxi. They may even deter thieves from preying on tourists’ things.


Travelers have much to look forward to in the next few years, months, or possibly even weeks as better technologies are expected to improve their travel experience. Hopefully, because of such innovations, even non-travelers will become interested to see the world too.

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