The Suunto 9 games watch is noteworthy with its numbers. An astounding 120 hours of GPS following is one motivation to flaunt Suunto’s new lead with brilliant force the board and low battery cautions. It’s a genuine game following force to be reckoned with, alongside 80 games modes, GPS route, optical pulse screen, and smartwatch capacities that have begun to show up in Suunto watches.


Excellent 320 x 300 framework touchscreen designs and sharpness.

The games watch is bolted to forestall unplanned key presses.

The key highlights include:

  • 100m waterproof;
  • as long as 120 hours of GPS in low force mode;
  • 80 games modes;
  • wrist pulse belt;
  • underlying indicator.

During preparing, you need to look through different windows to get data, every one of which is exceptionally point by point, giving you admittance to a lot of information.

One of the windows shows the cadence and time and the other the pulse.


Suunto has made the wellness following cycle as consistent as could reasonably be expected: when a competitor begins wearing the watch, they can look down to choose a running mode. The decision is spoken to chiefly by three modes:

Execution – 25 hours. Comprehensive.

Perseverance: 60 seconds GPS, 20% screen brilliance: 40 hours.

Ultra: 120 seconds GPS, no pulse, 10% brilliance: 120 hours.

The Suunto 9 games observe additionally has “keen” perspectives, for instance, at the 10% and 20% level, the gadget helps you to remember the need to revive and decides the ideal mode to effectively finish the preparation. In case of unfavorable energizing, the games watch changes to “Chrono” mode, showing just the time.

The Suunto 9 is a standout amongst other battery checks out there and can withstand a couple of long periods of strolling in Performance mode. Extraordinary climbers will like the strength of the gadget.


Indoor and normal running, cycling (particularly mountain trekking), untamed water and swimming, strength preparing, high-intensity exercise, and an assortment of ski modes are all in Suunto 9.

Melded Speed

Perhaps the best component of the Suunto 9 games watch is Fused Speed, which algorithmically assists with figuring speed when GPS information is inconsistent. The framework aids Ultra Power Saving mode, where the GPS area is logged once like clockwork. While running, Suunto 9 clients get information on the accompanying: time, distance, movement, and calories consumed, following climbs and drops, just as rising and plunge time, greatest height. The pulse screen additionally screens physiological factors, for example, normal pulse, most extreme pulse, the greatest impact of preparing, and the measure of oxygen needed for standardization and recuperation of the body.


Suunto sports watches have swimming following (pool and untamed water). The gadget gives information, for example, movement, distance, and pulse (by means of Suunto Smart Sensor). The Suunto 9 games watch is furnished with an optical pulse screen on the back. day in and day out Vale cell Sensor Monitors. Suunto 9 is viable with Bluetooth chest lashes. A few capacities are just upheld by Suunto Smart Sensor, for example, RR (pulse inconstancy) stretches and smooth pulse following.


The Suunto application is very basic, it shows the preparation history that you can use to see significant information. This thing gives itemized diagrams dependent on pulse, geology, and movement. The watch shows the advancement towards the week by week preparing objective on the showcase. Additionally, in the “Day by day” tab of the set of experiences, you can see the preparation and rest seasons of the most recent day/week/month/year. The watch has a leaderboard where you can add Facebook companions and a guide tab that shows heat maps for running/cycling/strolling.

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