Author: Andrew Luck

Andrew luck is hardcore entrepreneur, blogger and software engineer. He is pursuing his career in creating his own software company.

IBuypower Slate 9210 Review

The iBUYPOWER Slate 9210 gaming rig is one of the best prebuilt PC for gaming aficionados and accompanies some really cool advantages like RGB case lighting and CPU fluid cooling. This PC accompanies better quality equipment models that are equipped for overclocking and may likewise accompany extra includes – however simply know that a portion […]

What Can you do with the best 3D printing Pen?

Like their 3D printer partners, 3D pens use warmth to expel moldable plastic to frame different shapes. Most 3D printing pens have a fiber bolstering opening, a warmed tip, a catch or crushing territory to direction the expulsion procedure and a power input (or inherent battery). Some 3D printing pens have a presentation screen so […]

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