The popular website design trends for 2020

website design trends

Website design trends: For most people, 2020 is all about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many things have changed over the last ten or more years when it comes to the web design frontier. Technology has been changing at a fast speed, and the customer needs have also become diverse than ever. All these have left web designers trying to adapt to new styles to keep par with the trends.

Take a pause and think about this – a decade back, mobile sites’ existence was slim! And the ones that did exist were not very user-friendly. And when you zoom back to 2020, the customers are continually demanding faster websites that get well designed. All this has made new-age web design the crucial aspects of businesses more than ever. Are you planning to give your business website a complete makeover? If yes, then companies that specialize in web design Miami, Fl, and other places have come up with the best trends of 2020 that you can take inspiration from.

Dark mode

It is because of the dark mode specialty in the Smartphone devices and in multiple apps and social media platforms that customers today are continually demanding this feature. The dark mode is easy to view, and it is primarily for people who are always using big screens. The dark-mode is simple and has a clean and classic appeal. When the dark backdrop gets matched with vibrant CTA (Calls to Action) options, the designs are vivid, and it also provides a smooth experience for the user. 

CTAs atop the fold

Today, the task of companies is to get the visitors converted to their customers at the earliest. For the websites, when the CTA button gets placed atop the fold, the viewers see it first thing when the website uploads and opens. Customers today have a brief attention span, and the bounce rates are high. Hence, the space at the top of the fold is a crucial area for website design. It is the reason most website companies want to opt-in for a sub-header, a headline, and the CTA button when they use that space. Furthermore, with attractive iconography and the correct banner and header image paired with the CTA, the design trick maximizes conversions.

Hand-drawn graphics and elements

According to the web design companies inMiami, Flcompanies, the hand-drawn elements are getting back an old-world system with a modern ring. And it could be in the form of hand-drawn animations, static cartoons, graphics, and hand-lettered iconography that makes the websites look cozy and warm. It is bringing back the positive emotions that get evoked through personalized designs.

A manually drawn image or design usually reminds of the human who did the work! And today’s fast-paced technological world is missing this element in its futuristic designs. Regardless of how much hold or dominance technology has in our lives, we will always respond to web designs and artwork that evoke the human element. Corporates are trying to use this trend in their website designs because it generates maximum organic traffic, more viewers, and increased conversions.

Visible grids

According to the name, the design grids are vertical and horizontal lines that intersect various times, acting as the format for designers to work inside instead of chaotic free space. One of the trends that the website designers witnessed today was highlighting grids even when the design finished. Along with the soft and dominant grid lines, it is essential to make those visible that generate a structured and clean layout that provides the website a professional look.

Typography, which is larger than life

It is a known fact that bigger is better. It holds for the website fonts that are dominating for 2020. The Miami, Flweb design companies, uses big fonts to grab maximum audience attention using minimal words in a splashy manner. The huge fonts get modeled after the basic print poster designs that use the big fonts, which get maximum reader’s attention. The best thing about this typograph is that it gets used for any website and can create a trend by itself. 

White space frames

The best theme for website design in 2020 is minimalism. Today, it is all about generating a website with centered content framed by the white spaces. It is one of the tried and tested ways to ensure that the visitor concentrates on the original service or product that a Miamicompanysite has to offer. And white spaces create a certain sense of balance. It also emphasizes and pays complete attention to the precise visuals and words that designers and corporates want the audience to concentrate and ponder as they gaze and browse through the website.

Neon or glowing graphics

The vibrant shaded neon graphics and other similar elements have been a popular web design trend so far. And as times keep passing, many websites are becoming flashier with the shades they choose to create a futuristic and bold look. When the website designers combine the neon design elements with a dark backdrop, which is typical for the dark-mode websites, the graphics and letters genuinely pop out. Furthermore, in 2020 users can also expect to witness neon graphics that usually float in 3D and provide the visitors a glimpse of future designs.

Geometric designs

No one imagined that geometry would look stunning in website design? Today, geometric designs are a popular website design trend! The geometric shapes are versatile; hence, it can get used in various creative ways to attract the attention to space or part where you want to. It could be triangles, stripes or squares, or any other out of the box designs and shapes that you can use under this trend to make the website more appealing. It creates a minimalist and new-age feel about your website.

These are some of the best website design trends that have emerged for 2020. Companies and business owners can seek references and inspiration to use the trends they resonate with and make necessary changes to create a lasting impact on their website design.

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