Discord How to Leave Voice Channel

Discord how to leave voice channel

Discord how to leave voice channel: Entering and exiting an audio channel on Discord is very simple. There are no magic tips and tricks, you only need to understand the symbols that fit what and where to find them. If you are having trouble skipping an audio channel. How better to stay on the channel but mute it.


You will need to be on an audio or server channel and double-click any channel in the room that has a volume indicator. As long as you have valid permissions, just log into the server and the audio channel.

Now that you are on an audio channel, let it go:

  1. Below the channel names, you will see a box similar to this.
  2. The above table provides some bits of information. It will show that you are connected to the audio channel and provide a visual representation of when your current call was in transit. Also, it will have the server name followed by the channel name (server name / channel name). On the right, you will find the call information icon (a circle with the letter “i” in the middle) and the call connection icon (phone with an “x”).
  1. The connection info icon will show you the area your Discord server is currently connected to in real time. Also, it will display the average ping rate you are currently receiving from this server.
  2. The call connection icon is used to connect and disconnect the audio server. You can touch this icon if you want to exit the audio server.
  3. If you are still connected to the audio server, you can freely switch between all audio channels. Left clicking on one of the channels will quickly switch from your current channel to the new channel.

Mute the channel

You’re definitely doing things on an audio channel that might prevent you from leaving. But you still don’t want to talk or listen to others. This is where the mute option comes in.

Using an audio channel:

  1. First, under the information box discussed in the previous section, you should see your personal box.
  2. This box contains your avatar, Discord’s full name, and three multiple icons to the left.
  3. By clicking on your avatar, you can show your presence by choosing one of four options:
  • Online: to indicate that it is available.
  • Lethargy: when you are close but have not taken any action in a while
  • Do Not Disturb – This option will also disable Discord desktop notifications
  • Invisible – Makes you invisible while offline, but still gives you full access
  • Microphone: allows you to mute and return the microphone
  • Headphones – will also mute both the microphone and speakers so you won’t hear anyone or anyone
  • User settings: options that are irrelevant to the topic of this article

If you want to mute or unmute the microphone, simply left-click on the microphone icon. To design yourself, click on the headphone icon.

If you want to mute or disable the channel itself and have the proper permissions to do so:

  1. First, right-click on the channel name and choose Edit Channel. If you don’t have a right click, hold down the CTRL key while left (or just) clicking.
  2. In menu on the left, choose the “Permissions” tab.
  3. In the right window, scroll down to the “Voice Permissions” section and click the green check mark to the right of “Mute Members” to mute the channel, or to the right of “Deaf Members” to cancel the hearing of the Chanel.
  4. After selecting, the Save Changes button appears. Click on it to confirm.
  • To reactivate (or activate) the channel, simply click the red or gray “X” icon “/”.

Delete a channel …

Sometimes, you don’t want to bothered with all the crazy things and prefer instead to delete the channel entirely. An easy fix, as you are the owner of the server or administrator.

To completely remove an audio channel and eliminate the need to leave it, you only need:

  • Right-click on the channel you want to remove.
  • In the pop-up box, select Delete Channel.
  • A pop-up dialog will ask if you are sure. Tap Delete Channel again to confirm.

Using a smartphone or tablet

Now that you know how to leave an audio channel on the Discord desktop app, you might want to know how to do the same on your phone or tablet. It’s as simple as the desktop version, but some find it difficult to navigate.

You will want to actively participate in Discord within an audio channel to follow the tutorial.

Touch the audio channel you are currently connected to.

  • The microphone to right of your name will allow you to mute the microphone and switch it back. You can also open the same option just by touching its name.
  • Click the menu icon (gear) to the right of the channel name to change the channel and audio settings.
  • At the bottom there are four icons: the microphone icon to mute / unmute it, the headphone icon to mute the volume, the phone icon to call / disconnect, and the fourth icon lets you adjust the volume and switch to speakerphone mode.

To disconnect from the audio server (and channel), click the phone icon in the lower right corner.

The above mentioned confusion comes from a user who has been idle for too long or switches to a different application while currently connecting to a voice server. When returning to the Discord app, the said icons may not be available on screen.

  • If you can see avatar and name at bottom of the screen, you will need to swipe left to open the channel.
  • From here, you should notice a different square at the bottom of the screen stating the connection details, channel name, and server name. To right of this information is an up arrow “^”.
  • Click “^” to open the audio channel and again you can access the mute, mute, split, and volume options.

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