Top Business Technology Innovations of the Last Decade

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Last 10 years have given us a new revolution in the use of software systems for various management business technology challenges faced by companies of all sizes, in all industries. From machine learning systems that provide insights into user behaviors that can make culture change and training easier to implement to resource planning, workflow management, and even personnel allocation, it seems that in 2020, there’s a tool for practically every need. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful tools to enter mainstream use over the last 10 years. Knowing what’s out there is first step to figuring out which tools your business could benefit from when it’s time to update your software tools, after all.

1. ERP Software With a Sense of Scale

Enterprise resource planning software is more than 10 years old, but until about a decade ago it was a niche industry. With the rise of trend identification through machine learning and the implementation of cloud software systems for business infrastructure, the game has changed. Cloud access reduces the buy-in so companies that can’t afford to invest in their own server infrastructure and large-scale networking equipment can still set it up as part of their corporate intranet. That makes it easier to allocate resources, so smaller companies can begin to approach the efficiencies their larger competitors take advantage of. Between the tools becoming more accessible and their ability to identify trends more quickly, the new entries into this field are quite powerful.

2. Custom Intranet Systems

It used to be that companies looking to establish their own intranet solutions also needed to invest in a mainframe or server room, as well as all the hard wired networking technology needed to connect the building to it. The fact is, you can now set up a corporate intranet with minimal hardware investments, again thanks to the development of cloud hosting services that can host whole applications securely, providing you with the tools you need more efficiently. These systems are typically built on the same platforms you’d use for a local intranet with a dedicated network, too, so your legacy Sharepoint applications and structures can be preserved if you move from a self-hosted system to the cloud.

3. Workforce Management Software

Another big beneficiary of the cloud revolution? HR software suites. Now, providers like Paypro can offer comprehensive HR packages that allow you to track an employee’s performance, pay history, transfers and promotions, and even their L&D participation through one easy system that comes with its own tech support. That makes it easier to train new people to use the software, easier to support them as they use it, and easier for your business to get what it needs from its workforce management system. Like many other software management solutions, these programs manage to streamline tasks and reduce the workload on your HR personnel by making it easier for them to find everything they need.

4. Cloud Hosting Services

Last but not least, the innovation that made it all happen was cloud hosting. It was in its infancy at the beginning of the decade, and its growth and implementation allowed for much of the change we have seen in other software sectors because it provided companies with the chance to host large platforms online, without the investment in server space. It also provides unique options for archival and data management, so it’s not just an upgrade to your other business technology platforms but a solution in and of itself. Companies are now using cloud hosting to back up sensitive data confidentially, to run customer-facing software systems they need to take orders and provide service, and even to allow remote collaboration between employees through document exchanges. Along with machine learning innovations, it’s probably the trend-setting change to business technology that made the rest of these innovations possible.

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