OnePlus Will Soon Launch Smart TV and also Revealed Smart TV’s Remote

OnePlus TV

No longer just smartphones: OnePlus is working on a TV that could soon be officially unveiled. The company itself, however, keeps itself covered. A real high-end smart TV, it should probably not be, as it turns out. Possible would be a strong interlocking with the cell phones of the manufacturer.

OnePlus: First TV could come soon

The fact that OnePlus is working on its own Smart TV has not been a secret since autumn 2018. Although it was quiet for a long time to the “OnePlus TV”, so the whole thing now comes back a little more rolling. According to the well-known Leakers, Ishan Agarwal could be an official idea now at least in planning. We still don’t have any confirmation date. Though this is still a rumour and there could be possibilities that this may not happen. In this case, we should stick to original news from the company which declared the OnePlus TV by mid-2020. It is speculated that OnePlus could soon present its Smart TV. Also possible is a joint performance in September or October 2019 with the successor of the smartphone OnePlus 7 (Pro).  

Oneplus have been Revealed the Logo for its product Oneplus TV have a look as it is shown below picture.

Future OnePlus Remote Looks like:

Without knowing too much data about the OnePlus TV, or at least if we have access to all the details we would like to know, we have been able to see the image of the remote that could accompany this new OnePlus adventure.

From a company like OnePlus, so young and without a traditional legacy to maintain, one might expect a strong modern and simplified design component. Already at the time of announcing this range, Pete Lau explained that they have spent the last two years working on it and that it would have a great design, that “it would look good even with the TV turned off.” A look at this command allows us to get a better idea of ​​where the shots go.

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The command, as seen in the image and assuming that it will have the left edge cleared, will have nine buttons in addition to what is presumed as a capacitive touch scrolling area. Of course, the Google Assistant and one with the OnePlus logo are included, quite possibly as a start button.

OnePlus Remote

The inheritance of the mobiles in this remote control is something that is appreciated when you see how the volume control is activated by two buttons located on the side and not on the top, as is traditional. A change that we don’t think is very difficult to get used to.

We will have to wait for the arrival of the new OnePlus TV to have all the details on the table. Some rumors point at the end of September as a period in which this could come true.

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