How Google My Business Can Increase Leads For Your Pest Control Business

Google My Business

Your pest control business is slowing down. There just are not as many calls coming in anymore. If you are all out of ideas on how to market your business, there is another method to consider. Deciding to create a listing on Google will dramatically pump your business’s online exposure up, but it won’t do all work for you. Google My Business is great way to tap into all of this online exposure for your pest control business. Keep reading the rest of this article about ways to use Google My Business to increase leads.

Basics of Google My Business (GMB)

            GMB is a free listing on Google that will bring more customers to your pest control business. Google Search and Google Maps will both be updated with your business listing and your business will be visible on both of these platforms. It needs to be set up and optimized for the highest possible ranking potential, and it must be maintained quite regularly to make sure it stays optimized. Since pest control businesses are often looked for on the Internet anyways, it is a very important thing to have a Google My Business account that is optimized.

Couple with Google Analytics

            Google Analytics paired with GMB is a deadly combination for any owner of a pest control business. By implementing urchin tracking module codes, you can more easily track the traffic that comes to your GMB listing. One of best things about Google Analytics is that you can set goals for your pest control business listing. You can find so much information out about the type of traffic, leads, and conversions your listing is receiving. If your listing has a high bounce rate, you can add calls to action like “visit our website” or “book an appointment.”

Track Customer Actions

            One of the coolest features about GMB is that it gives you information about the actions your customers take once they have interacted with your business listing. You will be able to see things such as when customers ask questions about a business, interact with your business’s phone number, get directions to your business, or click on links to your website. There is an insights section of the GMB dashboard that shows you all kinds of graphs about customer actions and business listing performance. This marketing analysis will help you understand ways to grow and improve your existing pest control business.

Make a Plan of Action

            Now that you have read about all of the ways in which Google My Business can help you generate leads for your pest control business, it is time to get to it. All of these steps and optimizations can be done by yourself, but it will take a long time to learn all of the ins and outs of both GMB and Google Analytics. If you don’t enough have time or inclination to figure this out on your own, you are in luck. Check out for more information about GMB, as they have been helping pest control businesses generate leads through Google My Business for years.

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