3 Steps To Creating A Killer Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a new business or a well-established enterprise, you need to have a marketing strategy to reach out to your customers. In this content-driven world, you must have a marketing strategy which can deliver your message across the audience and engage them with your business.

It is true to say that marketing may need a lot of investment to produce great results. As for startups, they don’t have a mastodon budget, a team of marketing specialists or the experience similar to an established enterprise. Where they understand the importance of developing a marketing strategy, they also have to manage their budget for other business aspects.

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Fortunately, the advancements in the digital world have leveled up the marketing game for small startups. Content marketing has become an excellent tool for small businesses looking forward to driving sales to their site. But the question that remains is how to get started with content marketing?

To get started, here are three steps to create a killer content marketing strategy.

Step #1: Begin with the research

The first steps to creating a successful marketing plan are to start with your research. Your analytics will be the foundation of your content marketing strategy. You want to get started with your audience to understanding your competition and determine what interests your audience.

  • Research your audience

To create a successful marketing plan, you need to define your audience. This is especially important for those starting fresh in the market. By understanding your target you must know their preferences and requirements which in return help you to produce relevant content.

  • Research your competitors

Being in a competitive industry, you need to keep a lookout at other businesses which might be in competition with you. Investigate their marketing strategies and try making yours better. Find loopholes in their plan to benefit your brand.

  • Research the platforms

Where does your audience hang out? You need to determine the platforms where your customers are likely to engage with the content, especially when it comes to social media. Not all customers will interact with the same content. You need to consider their preferences and create content which appeals to them.

Step #2: set goals and draft your project

Once you have done all your research, you want to set your goals to strategize your marketing plan according to it. You need to structure your strategy with SMART goals—specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Consider your resources and the time you are willing to invest in accomplishing the goals you set. You need to have clear and defined objectives to create a successful marketing strategy. You know your limitations and putting in efforts at achieving too much in too little time will be all for nought.

Step #3: developing content

When writing content, you need to stay focused on the marketing funnel. You must be crafting content for people at the top of the funnel, to influence their decisions which can benefit your brand. The success of your content depends upon the type of content your produce, the platforms you use and the resources you use to produce the content. For example, if you are an excellent writer, you can utilize your skills in writing creative content for the platform. You can use your expertise in creating informative content for Wikipedia and more. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time for that, you can hire third-party agencies or professional Wikipedia writers or content creators.


A business cannot be successful without a marketing strategy. A strategy is the foundation of the goals you want to achieve through marketing and get better returns on investments. You need to research your market and your brand to be able to determine your goals to develop content which speaks to your audience.

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