How Can You JioFixedVoice for Free Calling: Jio Fiber Landline Service

JioFixedVoice for Free Calling

How can you Activate Jio Fiber Home Phone aka JioFixedVoice for Free Calling

Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani declared earlier this month. That Jio Fiber will eventually start going out commercially begins at September 5. Also, Ambani at the annual general meeting revealed that consumers if Jio Fiber will get Fixed-line Phone service, which earlier called Jio FixedVoice.

Ambani, however, called the service Jio Home Phone, and this branding is likely to be what will be rolled out commercially. In April this year when the ISP was testing “Jio FixedVoice aka Jio Home Phone” with a limited number of GigaFiber consumers. It has newly started the wider rollout of the landline service to the existing Jio Fiber users.

Mukesh Ambani restated his promise that Jio Fiber users will only have to pay for a single service – data. And they will get the landline service, Jio Home Phone, for free. Jio users will have to purchase their landline equipment. Although the voice calls will be available free inside India. Company is only providing a Jio router’s equipment in which the landline device is connected.

we take a glance at how a Jio Fiber users can begin JioFixedVoice aka Jio Home Phone and use the landline service.

You can Know How existing Jio Fiber users can activate Jio Home Phone landline service

The existing users can begin Jio Home Phone by going to the MyJio app. How to Initiate is shown below follow these steps:

  1. Firstly open the MyJio app on your smartphone and select the Jio GigaFiber account (yes, the company is still referring to Jio Fiber as Jio GigaFiber in the app).
  2. Click on the recharge option, following which a pop-up window will appear and will completely guide you through the activation process.
  3. While the process, Jio will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  4. Once you have entered the OTP, the Jio Home Phone landline service will be activated for your Jio Fiber connection.

Reliance Jio will also allot a number for the landline service that can be used by others to call you or will show up for others when you call them. After finishing the process on the MyJio app, connect your landline device using RJ11 phone cable to the available port on the back of your Jio Fiber router.

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How a new Jio Fiber users can activate Jio Home Phone landline service

New Jio Fiber users won’t need to activate the Jio FixedVoice aka Jio Home Phone landline service as it will already be activated in their account. They will receive a landline number at the time of Jio Fiber installation itself.

How can we use Jio Home Phone without a physical landline

Similar to how Reliance Jio allows JioFi users to make phone calls using an app by smartphone. The company is also allowing the Jio Fiber users to make calls using their smartphones. The service will work on your smartphone without a SIM card. As well since it uses your Jio Fiber broadband service to place the call.

Jio subscribers use the JioCall on Android app to place or receive calls via their smartphones. It is the same app that was earlier known as Jio4GVoice on Android and is still known by the same name on iOS. The JioCall app will also let Jio Fiber uses place a video call, something that is not possible via regular landline equipment.

To use JioCall with your Jio connection, you will have to configure your JioFixedVoice number into the app. Follow these steps:

  1. During the configuration process, the app will give you three options – JioFi, Mobile, and Fixed. Prefer the Fixed option and enter details.
  2. The JioCall app will then send an OTP to your registered number. Enter this OTP to finish the configuration.
  3. Once the configuration is complete, the JioCall app can be used to place or receive calls.

The app shows all your contacts. To place a call, tap on a contact and the app will offer two options – Fixed line call or Fixed video call – select the option you want and the app will place the call.

It is important to note here that JioCall will only work when you are connected to your Jio network. The app doesn’t work with the service of other Internet providers, including your cellular service.

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