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If you are addicted to your Android device, if you love to play games and download cool apps, then no doubt you have come across the need for in-app purchases. Some apps and games give you just enough to get you hooked but, to go any further, you need to pay money. Your frustrations are over; an app called LuckyPatcher will help you to get around this irritating issue.

What is LuckyPatcher?

LuckyPatcher is the latest unofficial app, a hacking app if you like that helps you to modify your favorite games and apps so you can enjoy them without having to spend a fortune. LuckyPatcher lets us do all sorts of things, including blocking ads, bypassing the requirements for license verification, modifying the Android system apps, and more. The app does require root access for many features, but there are still things you can do without rooting if you don’t want to.

Modified apps and games are popular now, and LuckyPatcher allows you to modify any app/game and its permissions very easily. Any game can be rooted, and the app bypasses the official app store system for in-app purchases, which means you can “purchase” anything from an app without spending any money.

LuckyPatcher Features:

LuckyPatcher is a cool tool offering tons of features:

  • It can remove ads – ads are irritation in any app, irrelevant, and interrupting your enjoyment. LuckyPatcher helps you remove those ads with just a couple of clicks.
  • Get unlimited game resources – unlock coins, gems, power-ups, and other in-game resources for free
  • Get paid apps for free – LuckyPatcher offers custom patches to help you bypass app verification, allowing you to get paid apps for free
  • Any app can be converted to a system app – convert apps you want to keep permanently into system apps, turning it into a ‘preinstalled’ system app
  • Helps you move apps onto the memory card – heavy apps can easily be moved to your memory card to free up space
  • Help with in-ap purchases – LuckyPatcher gets you past the billing system, allowing you to get paid apps and in-app purchases for free
  • Helps you back up your files – with a Take Backup feature, LuckyPatcher helps you back files up, ready for import to your PC or the cloud and helps you easily retrieve them

Minimum Installation Requirements

Before you install the LuckyPatcher APK file, there are certain requirements your system must meet:

  • Your device should be rooted before LuckyPatcher is installed
  • Your device must be on Android 2.3.3 or above. Also supports Windows 7 or higher
  • You need at least 2 GB RAM
  • You need at least 10 GB internal storage

You also need to provide permissions from your device:

  • To draw over other apps
  • To modify system settings
  • To read your memory card contents
  • To modify or delete your SD card contents
  • To approximate your location

How to Download and Install LuckyPatcher on Android

  1. Go into the security settings on your device and enable Unknown Sources
  2. Download the Lucky Patcher APK onto your device
  3. Go into your downloads and tap on the LuckyPatcher APK file
  4. Tap on Install and wait; LuckyPatcher will be installed onto your device
  5. Open the app and accept all the permissions it asks for
  6. If you get a Security popup, go into Settings and enable Allow From This Source
  7. Click Install on the popup asking you to install the official app
  8. Another popup will tell you the app is Blocked By Play Protect – ignore this and click the Down arrow
  9. Click on Install Anyway and wait; once it’s all installed, you are free to enjoy all that LuckyPatcher offers

How to Fix App Not Installed Error

A lot of users have reported seeing the App Not Installed error while they are trying to install LuckyPatcher. If you see it, you can follow these steps to fix it and get LuckyPatcher installed on your device:

  1. Launch the Google PlayStore on your device
  2. Tap on the three lines at the top of the screen
  3. Scroll through the list and tap on Play Protect
  4. Disable the option for Scan Device for Security Threats
  5. A warning message will popup; ignore it and just click on OK

Now try installing LuckyPatcher again, following the steps above – you should find it works just fine now.

LuckyPatcher is a great way of getting whatever modified apps and games you want, and it’s all for free. Download it today and let the developers know what you think of it.

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