How to Start a Blog in 2020 – Beginner’s Guide

Start a Blog

Start a Blog: Blogging for beginners can be exciting, however it will demand some experience and knowledge to details. Thinking that people are going to read your blog posts increases the responsibility to share interesting and relevant information, simultaneously providing great reading experience for them.

Due to a number of tools and techniques, start a blog free has become all possible. Regardless of your business niche, it is worth integrating in your marketing tactics, since it promises to bring much traffic to your website. Besides, sharing your blog posts in your social media platforms allows increasing engagement and brand awareness.

Since blogging can bring you many benefits, let us see how to create a blog or start a blog in some simple steps:

Pick a Topic Niche, that will Interest People

If you have made your decision and just consider where to start a blog, it is good idea to start thinking about a topic niche. In case it is related to your business, then you will better create something interesting that inform, educate and entertain your target audience.

Do a Market Research

The existing and growing competition have brought a number of challenges for bloggers and marketers to become noticed. For this, it is a good idea to create content that will target many people. Understanding who you are talking to will help to meet their needs and create value for them.

Choose a Blogging Platform

There are a number of blogging platforms, which make your choice tough. Each of them has its pros and cons, so, for making a good choice it is a good idea to compare them, to find out which of them will better cover your needs and expectations.

Find an Eye-catching Domain Name

You need to choose a unique domain name for your blog since it creates the first impression. The first thing you need to consider is its relevance to your blog niche or business. If you use some keywords in it and make it memorable, it will be easy to find for your readers.

Choose the Right Hosting

Another important element for leading a successful blog is hosting. Many people trust different free hosting services, however, they pay twice in the end. While making a choice it is important to make sure that your hosting company is reputable and trustworthy. You can choose one that will suit needs and budget.

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Choose the Design: (Pay Attention to Copyrights and Licenses)

Sharing readable and relevant content is not enough for creating a nice impression and making your customers stay on your website. There are also other important factors in your blog design, that will make your efforts more effective. Among such important elements you should take into consideration quality visuals, navigation, speed, mobile-friendliness etc

Do a Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords for your blog post is another important component. Regardless of the rapid change of marketing tactics, keywords still remain as an important ranking factor.

There are also other crucial issues that really matter for your ranking (for more info, click here).  Besides, based on your choice, you will manage to attract relevant and targeted audience. 

Take into consideration SEO 

Making your blog SEO-friendly is essential for your website visibility and ranking. Your blog should include all the important things that are crucial for search engines since it can bring you many benefits.

 Blogging can bring you a good link-building strategy. It helps to target long-tail keywords as well keeps your customers long on your website, which can bring to a buying decision.

Write Content Keeping Consistency

Sharing regularly does not mean to share information every day. Of course, no. However, fixing a certain routine in order to keep your information fresh is a good content strategy for anyone. Consistency helps in brand recognition as well. 

Promote your Blog

The aim of your blog posts is to reach them to your readers. If you do not promote them to read, then your efforts are useless. To promote your blog, you need to implement different tactics and strategies. The most important thing, however, is to find your ideal readers.

Create Engagement

In order to get people engaged with your blog, you need to create content that is worth sharing. Engagement helps in building your brand and increases your brand awareness and loyalty. Besides, if you manage to create high engagement rates, you create a stronger reach to your website.


No matter if you are new in the online marketplace, or you have much experience in it, you will able to benefit from blogging in case you create relevant and interesting content for your customers. Due to your blog posts, you will be able to increase click-through rate and conversions. 

You can get a number of advantages while blogging. Among the most fundamental ones, we can include:

  • Blogging helps your SEO ranking
  • It helps to keep ahead of the competition
  • Blogging keeps valuable traffic on your website
  • It makes you an industry leader
  • It builds strong relationships with your customers.

Hence, you see that blogging can become a good tool for your business to get much traffic and revenue. The only thing that you need is to find out how to become a blogger, that will attract anyone’s attention with fresh and quality information.

Tigran Mirzoyan is the CEO at and also loves to share his experience and expertise in blogs. Since 2010, the year Smarketa was founded, Tigran has worked tirelessly to grow eCommerce businesses, and now he can share his experience with those in need of professional advice.
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