Samsung ML-2165 Driver, A Brilliant Way to Work Efficiently

Samsung ML-2165

Every time you want to purchase an electric device, you have to check out the product specifications in detail. For instance, if you intend to buy a printer, you should know how it performs. But you don’t need to worry about the performance, as long as you pick the Samsung ML-2165 driver.

All printers come with various features or specifications that meet users’ needs. The needs of each user are absolutely different. Thus, they have to select which printer meets their requirements. You will feel glad to see how the Samsung ML-2165 can produce excellent printouts.

What Samsung ML-2165 Driver Can Provide

As one of the notable series, the Samsung ML-2165 absolutely provides great features to make your print job simpler. Basically, this monochrome printer is an ideal device for students who need to complete their homework assignments or businessmen with mid-volume print jobs.

One Touch Printing

Printing a document is easier and simpler with only one touch button on the control panel. The Samsung ML-2165 will print the page displayed on your monitor without the need to edit or crop the content. Once you press the Print Screen button, you will get the printed file immediately and easily.

Easy Eco Mode

The existence of Easy Eco Driver in Samsung ML-2165 emphasizes the economic print cost. With this feature, you can adjust the color, quality, and other elements. Right before you print the document, this feature lets you preview it while editing. This feature will save energy, toner, paper, and monitor.

Dust Free Cover

With the dust-free cover, you can protect your paper from dust contamination and keep the internal parts of the machine safe.

Easy Printer Manager

Not all printers offer easy printing management. If this aspect is what you look for, then the Samsung ML-2165 driver is the right choice. It has an Easy Printer Manager to enable you to set up your monitor and device status with easily operated software.

Examples of status that you can set up through this feature are toner ordering, application linking, device discovery, and other elements. Moreover, you can easily access this feature.

Print Screen Button

Enjoy printing a file in a quick and easy way. By pressing the Print Screen button on the control panel, you can print the document displayed on the monitor right away.

Prominent Parts of Samsung ML-2165 Driver That Captivate Users

Anyone who wants to purchase a printer has the need to examine all the prominent parts inside of it. It makes sense because knowing the specifications of the device will give you certainty about its quality and performance.


As a monochrome printer enhanced with laser technology, the Samsung ML-2165 can produce fine printouts with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI.


The speed that the Samsung ML-2165 can perform is quite satisfactory with 20 ppm and 8.5s to print the first page.

Duty Cycle

Apparently, this monochrome printer has a considerable duty cycle that reaches 10000 pages in a month.

Output and Input Capacity

The output capacity of Samsung ML-2165 is 100 sheets while the input capacity is 150 sheets.


There is one USB port on the side of the printer to let you connect other devices to this printer.

Paper Handling

Basically, Samsung ML-2165 is suitable for bond paper, recycled paper, cardstock, plain paper, envelopes, preprinted and labels. The paper size that fits this device includes A4, B5, A4, 10, DL, C5, Executive, Letter, Oficio, Folio, and Legal. The maximum print size reaches 216 x 356 mm.


To enhance its performance, it uses a processor of 300 MHz and internal memory of 8 MB. The noise pressure during printing is 50 dB.

Once you examine the detailed product of the Samsung ML-2165 driver you will realize that it is sufficient to handle a normal volume of paperwork. Besides, it offers eccentric features that no other prints can provide.

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