Webex Desk Pro: What Benefits Will It Have In Your Workplace?

Webex Desk

The world of collaboration is one that we all tap into in some way or another – whether it’s simple instant messaging services or something a little more complex, communication plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives. Without the right platforms and devices at our disposal, we can often find connecting with others bit of a pain, but if you’ve taken the time to create a setup that’s designed with collaboration in mind then the possibilities are endless. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you’ll be able to use Webex Desk Pro, the latest collaborative technology by Cisco Webex desk, to enhance the way that your company communicates.

What Is Webex Desk Pro 

Let’s start things off taking a look at what the new Webex Desk Pro is and what it can bring to your meeting rooms. The Webex Desk Pro is an all-in-one AI workstation that offers everything you could need in a collaborative device from one highly-versatile hub. Initially seen as a way to bring the Webex Board straight to your desk, the Desk Pro offers you all the features that you’re accustomed to with added capabilities that bring your communication and collaboration to an entirely new level. Complete with facial recognition for easy, yet secure, access to your devices, the solution offered by Webex is a phenomenal addition to any space used for teamwork, connecting, and sharing. 

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With a 27-inch touch screen display that’s ideal for 1-2 person use and a 70+ degree HD camera, you’ll be able to chat and call with colleagues and clients with ease. Many have cited the Desk Pro as a device that’s given them an entirely new way of working – the device has taken the medium of video and imagery and expanded that to a height that allows for some of the most intelligent and intuitive collaboration imaginable. 

Included with the Webex Desk Pro are the following features, which enable you to work more effectively than ever before:

  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Control Hub for unified management and analytics
  • Webex Assistant 
  • Digital, passive whiteboarding

USB-C connectivity keeps the device at the forefront of technological advancement and offers a greater level of compatibility with your existing technology, ensuring that you’re always connected. 

Where Would You Use It 

The Webex Desk Pro is tailor-made to be used as a desktop device, hence the name. Using the device is simple and enjoyable, helping to improve the overall workday experience whilst you deliver a high-quality end product that leaves everyone involved not just satisfied, but thrilled at what they receive. The sleek structure looks great placed upon a desk beside your computer screen and opens doors to new levels of creativity and sharing that allow you to work more effectively than before. 

You can also use this device in huddle spaces when you need an intuitive screen that can combine whiteboarding capabilities with app integration for your favourite platforms – with this handy combination, brainstorming and other creative processes seem to glide by effortlessly.

Who Would Use It 

The beauty of this intelligent device is that its uses aren’t pigeon-holed to just one specific function, meaning each different user can utilise the device for the functions that they deem most useful to them. So, a user who finds a desktop whiteboarding solution an incredibly useful asset may not use the device in the same way that a user who focuses on video-calling, but both users will find an immense amount of value from the Webex Desk Pro in their own unique way. That is perhaps the most inviting feature that this device offers to its user.

Whether you’re using this device independently or as part of a wider Webex Room arrangement, you’re sure to find everything you need to collaborate and share with the solutions offered by Cisco Webex. Room setups are the ideal way to create an environment that encourages teamwork, sharing, and collaboration at all times, giving your teams the tools that they need to be able to operate in a way that enhances creativity rather than stifling it. By ensuring that your company is prepared to connect and collaborate, you’ll be able to elevate your work output and protocols to ensure that you always remain on the front foot.

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