Google Keeps Stopping: Fixing the Notorious Android Bug

google keeps stopping

Google keeps stopping: Some Key Issues Being Faced by Google and What’s In Store For it in the Future

Google is a technology giant when it comes to different services around the world. Most of us know Google as a search engine, but it has a stake in many other technology concerns and is a leading company all over the world. It is part of the Big 4 technology companies based in the US, along with Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. And that’s why it gets the attention of the world media and specifically from the users. 

Google’s specialty in many industries and fields like the Internet, cloud computing, Computer software, and hardware, etc. Now part of a parent company named Alphabet, Google is the leading subsidiary of it. After becoming famous, any company usually pays the price in the form of attacks on its servers, malicious campaigns against it from rival firms, and from anyone looking to harm the company. 

Go through the following example, and you will know what big companies have to endure and the price of being famous.

DDoS Attack on Google

Google revealed in its latest report that China launched the most significant DDoS attack on Google three years ago. It made history with the sheer size and magnitude of the attack. The attack lasted for six months and reached up to 2.5Tbps in traffic. To have an idea about its severity, the attack against Amazon earlier this year in 2020 was measured at 2.3 Tbps. 

I am sure that not many of my readers are aware of DDoS and haven’t got an idea about what I have just mentioned. The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a cyber-attack in which a person or group tries to make a machine or network resource unavailable to not work. The services which are being attacked become temporarily unavailable or even indefinitely, disrupting the services of a host.

What’s DDoS and How it Can Affect a Company?

We all know that any device which is connected to the Internet is prone to any kind of attack or getting infected by a virus. But the scale of the attack varies, and DDoS is one that can severely hit the services of any company or business. The continued attack can make the website or portal get out of service permanently or get severely damaged. Imagine this happening to, and everyone will not be able to search for anything at all. 

While the above scenario is something that may not happen ever as there are too many factors involved here, for a small business or startup, this can spell disaster. From the above example, don’t get a notion that it’s just Google, which is the target of everyone, and Google tries desperately to find ways to avoid it. Read on as I discuss some important aspects of Google’s service and its practice that comes under fire from regulators and its users.

Some Major Concerns about Google’s Services 

There are some major concerns about the service and Google’s attitude towards its customers and rival firms. For example, issues concerning users’ privacy, tax avoidance, and search neutrality are always in the news. And Google is always at the receiving end. 

Much can be written about it, but the fact remains nothing has been proved against Google, and some of the allegations against it are not true at all. But the services any company provides must be impeccable. That’s where Google falters in many aspects, and the following is a prime example. 

An issue that was rampant in 2019, and still some users face is related to its Android OS is the message “Google keeps stopping.” This message kept on appearing on the screens of Android users and became a nuisance for many. It was playing havoc with the users as they were unable to use their smartphones. 

The Background of the Problem

The issue started with a glitch in the Google Play Services. These are responsible for the updates of all the apps. Usually, all apps get updated in the background and the users, in some cases, are not even aware of it. Sometimes they are prompted in the case of a major update or resubscription to a paid app. When something goes wrong in the update process, there is a simple way to remove the error. 

How to Remove the “Google keeps stopping” Error Message?  

Android users need to uninstall all the updates and bring them to the factory version. Once this is done, all the smartphones and other devices running on Android are forced to update automatically. The problem of seeing the “Google keeps stopping” message gets on your screens, gets solved, and everything starts working smoothly once again. 

Even after this process, you keep getting this message, you may have encountered something seriously and need to consult a professional who can repair this problem. Some other issues like the crashing of apps and problems with the Android make users think that Google is somehow doing this deliberately. You may hear some other versions of this problem, but the core issue remains the same. 

Final Word

Conspiracy theories come out all the time, and in the case of a technology giant like Google, this is quite common. Many weird and sometimes outright funny conspiracy theories were developed due to COVID-19 about Google and many related to Microsoft. Bill Gates was at the center of all these theories, with most of them claiming that COVID-19 is nothing but a charade, and everything is being done to install a chip into the human minds to control every action of them!

Google will continue to prosper, and we will keep listening to news about new kinds of attacks on its services. And the same will happen to other big companies too. We need to think rationally and double-check the facts about the news to determine whether it is authentic or not. 

Do you want some clarification about any aspect mentioned here? Or think you can add something valuable to this blog? Don’t be shy to speak up and offer your valuable feedback using the comments section below. 

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