How to Setup AX1100 Next- Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router

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We all know that TP-link is experimenting day by day to amuse its user with brand new technologies either it is gaming or browsing home Wi-Fi internet service. Continuing with its folklore TP-Link has introduced a new Gaming router that is ‘X1100 Next- Gen Tri-Band’.

Before initiating towards setup and configuration, we will talk about its features and performance. With this wireless gaming router, specially designed for Gaming, the player will receive a faster speed for more and more devices hooked to it. Wi-Fi speed can make you surprised that it is over 10 Gbps: 4804 Mbps.

The users will practice a lot of new and marvelous properties of gaming, like a Game accelerator, Game protector, extreme level of connectivity, Strong processor, convenient and smart, high in efficiency, etc.

Gaming router: A detailed explanation of all above-sited properties: –

Game Booster/Accelerator: –

This property will depict and upgrade gaming streams that will ensure your gaming stays mesmeric and evolving all the time even with many connections at a time. Your gaming stream will be as fast as your reaction time as it is providing you a speed of 12-streams. If you would use a range extender to enhance the range of your Wi-Fi then it can go up to 10756 Mbps.

Game Savour: –

 Game savor means a guard that always keeps awaking to protect your home Wi-Fi from cyber hazards and threats. With this model of Tplinkwifi net Setup, you would feel safe with the Homecare security system, mechanized by Trend Micro. The guest network mode puts your chief network secure by constructing a different network for external persons of house, like friends and relatives. It also provides WPA-PSK AND WPA2-PSK encryptions to put your Wi-Fi always in an active mode.

Real-Time Latency: – 

Real-Time latency is a term that means a balance between network resource allocation and the time taken to play a frequency of game. And it is done under the observation of fine-tuned UL. You can create a blacklist and a white list to restrict and permit certain devices to approach your router from external threats.

Extreme- Connectivity: –

It is quite clear with its name that this feature will ensure the user with a high level of connectivity that they might have ever. This feature will enable the users to gain 2.5 Gbps WAN port and 8-Gigabit LAN ports composing 2 USB 3.0 in type A type C ultra-connectivity.

A strong Processor: –

With Its 1.8 GHz, Quad-Core central processing unit and three further co-processors, you will experience your network performance always at the vertex. That means no-haggle while streaming no mater you are having one or more devices attached top single router.

Efficiency: –

If we talk about the efficiency level of this gaming router then it’s unmatchable in the industry. The OFDMA accomplishes the average throughput of streaming. The AX1100 Next- Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router has the power to reduce the lag. Apart from all these features, you are also getting MU-MIMO with advanced QoS makes very convenient for you to administer the bandwidth of the attached devices.

Convenient & Smart: –

We call it smart because you can set it up in a minute by linking it to your router through Bluetooth. For this facility, the user must install a powerful app called the ‘Tether app’. The Tether app makes you approach your TP-link devices on your mobile phones and you can easily perform some of the common setting procedures, e.g. internet connection, changing or resetting wireless connection name and password. It will give you the authority to access control rules. This app is available on Google Play and the app store. 

Swift Wi-Fi : –

None of the other devices in the market can perform such functions as the TP-link router of this model. It will give you 12-streams Wi-Fi speed over 5GHz Gaming and  5 GHz + 1148 Mbps which is equal to 2.4 GHz. “Stream” refers to data that travels between transmitter and receiver. The more streams you will have through your Wi-Fi router the more data will be transferred to your devices.

Throw some light on the below-mentioned steps to setup and configure your AX11000 Next-Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router

  • Firstly; There are eight antennas with this gaming router, hold these antennas tightly from the root and push them into the slots given your AX11000 Next-Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router
  • Secondly; Let the power ‘off’ of the modem of your router and eject the backup battery if it has.
  • Third; Plugin the one end of your Ethernet cable to the modem and other to the WAN port of the gaming router.
  • Fourth; let the power-on of both devices that are your modem and router.

NOTE: – Wait till the signal giving LED light of the router turns solid red or white.

  • Fifth; Open the play store and download the ‘Tether App’ on your mobile phone or laptop.
  • Sixth; After downloading launch the Tether App’.
  • Seventh; Press the + button and select Archer AX1100 Next-Gen, Tri-Band.
  • Eighth; Tap the second option then verify the LED status and continue.
  • Ninth; Enter the web portal and you will be automatically flip on to the login page.
  • Tenth; After that create a password for login or use default one.
  • Eleventh; Either select a connection type or tap on Auto detect in case if you are not sure about the type.
  • Twelfth; Tap ‘Next’ again ‘next’ then you should customize your wireless network name and password, or use the default settings.
  • Thirteenth; As you’ll get the pop on for connection complete instantly tap the connection key to get attaché with your Wi-Fi network. 

Moreover, this is a marvelous router for gaming ever. Although its setup and installation are very easy but still if you face any problem then feel free to call us on our toll-free numbers 1800-836-3164 or you can seek help through Tplinkwifi net Setup. To learn more about gaming routers visit My best wireless routers

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