How to Create Your Own Gifs from Multiple Photos in Google Photos

Gifs from Multiple Photos

GIFs have become popular in recent years. One of the great Internet classics that seemed long forgotten that came back stomping and is everywhere. They came to Twitter years ago and now we can’t imagine the social network without them. We can also use them on Facebook or in our WhatsApp conversations. If you want to be original and have yours, you can create GIF from Google Photos.

Google Photos has all kinds of very interesting features that make it one of the most useful galleries for your smartphone. On most Android phones, Google Photos comes preinstalled, so you won’t even have to download the application to your mobile device. Today we show you one of the most interesting features: make GIFs with your own photos in Google Photos.

Where can you use GIFs?

Most of the applications and social networks we use every day are compatible with GIF. Applications like Twitter, for example, but also other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Or messaging applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can create your own GIFs through Google Photos easily and in a few seconds. You can create the ones you want with images from your gallery or photos from the Internet.

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How to create your own GIF

Once you have Google Photos on your mobile phone, you can start creating your own GIFs. If you have already installed the application on your smartphone, just start using it. Otherwise, download it for free from the Google Play Store, install it and grant the necessary permissions.

Once in Google Photos, go to the Assistant section and you will see that there are all kinds of options and creations: Album, Book photos, Movie, Collage or Animation. Click on the latter to create your own GIF with Google Photos and with the images in your gallery. Remember to have the photos already downloaded if you want to make the GIF with captures of favorite series or movies, for example. Once you have them, go to Google Photos> Assistant> Animation.

In the Animation section, you can choose a minimum of two images and a maximum of fifty images. All of them you can choose from the ones you have in your gallery. Select a sequence of photos if you want it to appear to be moving, for example, or simply choose the images you want to present all together in GIF format.

Once you have chosen the images, simply click on? Create? and the animation will automatically take place and you will see it on the screen. Below you can find a button to share and delete. If you don’t like it, delete the creation and create a new one. If you like it, you can share it directly on your social networks or in any messaging application.

You can create your own GIF with Google Photos whenever you want and for the duration you want according to the number of photos you add. The more photos, the faster they will pass from one to another. The fewer photos, the more they will last on the screen before moving on to the next one.

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