Enhancing The Iphone Battery Life – 5 Tricks To Play

iphone battery life

iPhone battery life: One common concern among iPhone users is that with the battery lifetime. As such, as an iPhone user, you ought to aspire, how to enhance the average span of the iPhone batteries. Some simple adjustments will enable you to accomplish this aspiration. Let’s explore the tricks and tips to materialize this plan. Besides, to grab amazing offers and discounts on your online purchase, visit dealvoucherz or hotozcoupons.

5 Tricks to enchance 5 Iphone battery life

Keep monitoring the battery usage on an app to app to basis

When it comes to the massive batter drainage, the main villain is obviously the apps. These days, life involves extensive use of these apps, and research suggests that apps end up consuming a major part of the battery life. However, not all apps never consume battery power to an equal extent. While there are apps that consume a significant part of battery life, there are apps that consume the average extent of battery life. As such, you require tracking the battery consumption, based on an app to app basis. While you can continue with the ones that consume the average extent of battery life, you certainly need to eliminate the ones that are consuming a significant part of the battery life. 

Operate with the minimum screen brightness

If you aspire to boost the average lifespan of the iPhone battery, one thing you must do is that you should operate with the minimum brightness of the phone screen.  

Turning the Flashlight low

A simple yet effective trick to boost the life of the battery is to turn down the flashlight. Comparison between the high and low flashlight modes establish the fact that you can significantly enhance the battery life, if you are operating with the flashlight turned low. 

Always use the low power mode. 

The Low Power mode comes highly effective in boosting the lifetime of the iPhone battery. Though turning on the low power mode, you may miss out on some usual features. Still, it is a good alternative to choose if you want to address the regular issue with the battery drainage. 

Fetch as little as possible and never ever push 

If you have to maximize the battery lifetime, you should turn off the fetch settings as well as adjust the Push message notifications. Doing this change, you can ensure that the mail app in your phone will never go searching for new emails, until and unless the user launches the app themselves and start looking for the new emails. 

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