How To Set Up 360 Degree Live Webcasting- VR Streaming?

VR Streaming

As we all know live webcasting has been trending on the internet industry ever since its existence. It has been helping many brands and businesses around the world to leverage. In the current era of digitalization,VR Streaming, 360-degree streaming solutions are helping live webcast of your brand to stay ahead of the competitors.

360-degree webcasting is considered to be the most effective and powerful marketing tool. It gives an edge to your event by making it stand apart from the competition. 360 degree VR webcasting is different than any normal video content. It allows the audience to experience the environment and make them feel they are present in that environment in reality. 360 streaming solutions boost your business like never before. It helps in attracting a large audience base globally, thereby delivering overwhelming experiences to audiences. 360 degree VR streaming is an audio-video stimulation where an environment is created to give the audience a complete view of real objects with created environments. Apart from adding a fun element to various events, 360-degree virtual reality is even used during live streaming to boost the digital game of the brand or the business. VR webcasting has become the first choice of digital marketers as they have added more spark in live webcasting solutions.

When a brand plans to opt 360 streaming solutions, it allows your virtual audience to experience the crowd at the even who is present in person. 360-degree streaming allows you to tilt your device from various angles and capture the whole event giving you the impression that you are present there in reality. If you are watching a VR webcasting of an event you may experience as if you are standing next to the big banner at the event. 360-degree webcasting gives your viewers an altogether different experience while engaging them completely with the VR webcasting. 360-degree webcasting leaves a lasting impression on audiences thereby helping your brand to leverage.

To set up 360-degree webcasting, you need some virtual reality equipment to make your videos effective. Take the help of VR headsets like oculus quest 1 & rift s prescription lenses that are likely to add spark to your 360 streaming solutions. The market is full of VR webcasting service providers. You can select the best one out who offers the best streaming service and allow you to webcast your event on a secure online video platform. The best streaming service provider will use a specific camera and other equipment to shoot 360-degree video. A secure online video platform like YouTube has started supporting 360-degree webcasting that has been helping various brands to expand their wings. Events like fashion shows, award nights, promotional events, etc. are likely to get benefit from 360 degrees live webcasting. It helps in creating a bond between the audience and a brand thereby boosting direct interactions.

Without having you to dig into your pockets, 360-degree webcasting helps in marketing your product or event. It is counted as a cost-effective method of making your event the talk of the town. Some brands puzzle in setting up 360-degree live streaming solutions for brand events and fail in delivering the same. Connect with the best company that offers the best streaming service and helps in setting up 360 degrees live webcasting at the right price.

Let’s have a look at some requirements you need to concentrate on when you plan to opt for 360-degree webcasting:

1. Camera or recording device

A high-quality camera or a recording device is beneficial when you plan for 360 degrees streaming for your event. Select a device that has a nice image quality thereby giving your viewers an amazing viewing experience. A camera that delivers an excellent VR streaming experience apart from image quality is the first choice for 360 streaming solutions. If the image quality of your device is not good enough, it becomes complex to shoot 360-degree webcasting of an event. The camera should be capable enough that allows you to stream through your laptop or PC. The market is full of recording devices, you can select the best one out for 360-degree streaming suiting your pocket.

2. Capacity and processing

Check the capacity of your laptop beforehand when you plan to stream live. It should have enough capacity to hold the videos and do not show the error in mid or run out of storage.

You can add an NVIDA graphics card to handle the processing. It is recommended to use a laptop that consists of the graphics card and at least 4GB of video ram to make your 360-degree streaming run successfully.

3. Software to stitch

Select the software that permits you to stitch in real-time and allow it to stream live. Select software that prevents your VR streaming from crashing. Dreamcast, allows you to stream live for 32 minutes without crashing and allows you to interact with your audiences.

4. Streaming

Selecting the secure online video platform for 360-degree streaming is a must. The video platform must have 360 adaptive features with great technical support. It should support adaptive streaming. The platform should be secure and the domain security must be kept into consideration.


Various industries opt for VR webcasting to make their business or brand leverage. Builders and real estate use 360-degree streaming to give a glimpse of apartments to customers. They give them a tour of the whole apartment through VR streaming. Whereas brands use 360 streaming solutions to market the product and build the image of the newly launched product. 360-degree streaming gives new life to your brand or product which helps your brand to stay ahead of competitors. 360 streaming solutions are helping various sectors and is counted as one of the most powerful marketing tools in current marketing dynamics. If you have not yet started VR webcasting, plan your next event with 360 streaming solutions and experience the boost.

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