How Do You Write a Disclaimer

how to write a disclaimer

How to write a disclaimer: A disclaimer is an essential page for your website, regardless of the niche or type of website. Using a simple online disclaimer generator for your website is already a significant step in order to ensure that you’re protected as a website owner or publisher. 

Nonetheless, there are also other steps that you can take in order to enhance a generated disclaimer, and that’s why we’re here. Check out the steps on how to write and how to improve a disclaimer. 

Know Your Why 

The first thing you should do is to know why you need a disclaimer in the first place. You must understand that bloggers, vloggers, eCommerce websites, and even informational websites require disclaimers. 

Therefore, if you have a website and sell goods and services, then you need a disclaimer. It has to be complete and efficient in order to ensure that you and the users are protected from any liabilities, and that’s the second point. 

What are Your Liabilities? 

As a publisher or website owner, you need to know the liabilities that you are subjecting yourself to in running a website that sells goods or services. These liabilities may include the following, but it is not limited to:

  • You are protecting yourself from any copyright issues and claims, especially if you are blogging or creating content. Therefore, you are providing yourself the right to create content and new versions of your content, display the content and distribute and publish the content. 
  • A fair use disclaimer or clause is also important in your disclaimer page wherein you acknowledge that you are using copywriter materials, and you have the right to use these materials under the Fair Use act. 
  • Offensive content disclaimer or clause on your disclaimer page is important as it acts as a warning to users that there is offensive content on your page or pages. Also, make sure to add an agreement button that the users can click to agree on the content. 

Essential Parts of a Disclaimer

Now that we have an idea of the importance of a disclaimer, the question now is, what do you write in a disclaimer? Here are the parts and a template that you can follow when writing a disclaimer:

  • Date 

It’s important to add the date of the disclaimer page and update the date every time you also update the content on your page. The data updated is essential because it informs your readers of the changes and updates made from the last time they checked or read your disclaimer page. 

  • Introduction

In your introduction, add the name of your website, your URL, mobile application, and state why you have a disclaimer page on your website. Also, state and introduce how you are going to use the data and information that the user shares on your website. 

  • External Links on the Website

Your disclaimer should also include that you are indemnifying yourself, and you do not endorse, guarantee, or assume any type of responsibility when the users use or click the external links on your website. 

  • Professional Disclaimer 

A disclaimer must also include a professional disclaimer clause, especially if you are selling, reviewing, sharing, or even advertising products on your website. This will free you from any legal issues that may arise when the users use the products on your website. 

  • Affiliate and Ads Disclaimer

Your disclaimer page must also state that your website and all the pages contain affiliate websites or advertisements, but this does not mean that you directly endorse the products on these links of ads. 

So, if you have a template of a user-friendly online disclaimer generator, then edit it out and make sure that it fits your website. 

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