Outdoor garden design ideas

Outdoor garden design ideas

Outdoor garden design is nothing like interior designing- there are no set kinds of themes or rules that you need to follow and no set kinds of materials that are considered better. It’s very different from designing an indoor space, and if done right, it can provide you with the outdoor garden design of your dreams. Usually, with outdoor gardens, there are two routes you can take- you can either go for garden landscaping or you can choose to go for a more tailored garden approach.


An important thing to do before you start planning on how to design an outdoor garden is to look around and establish the place’s position, outlook, and direction. Observe what parts of the day affect which areas – where sunlight falls in the morning, afternoon, and evening? What kind of plants grow there? Is there a patch of land that does not do well? Observing your garden helps a lot in planning and designing it so that your outdoors can look beautiful but also stay functional.

Plan the planting

You have decided that you want a cottage core dream garden with flowers and plants that make the whole space sing. However, it’s easier said than done. The first thing to do is start by planning the planting of the various plants that you have selected. This is also a good time to consider only getting native plants that can withstand the weather of the said place and would not wither and die within a few weeks.

Garden Planting

It is also important to consider the space each plant takes up. It won’t be wise to plant a smaller plant right next to a big one as the bigger plant might restrict sunlight. Also, consider the nutrients each plant needs and plant the ones with similar needs next to each other. Also, consider the amount of sunlight each plant needs and plant them accordingly throughout the place depending on the amount of sunlight each part of the garden receives.

Another trick you can employ is using wildflowers to fill in the gaps anywhere in the garden. Try to stick with native plants or plants that are bee-friendly and you will notice that your flowers bloom better and faster. For seating areas, consider plants and flowers that do not invite bugs or rather, ones that repel them – Star jasmine is one of the most used plants around seating areas.


Fireplaces in your outdoor garden design can change the entire vibe and aesthetic of the place. Firepits are perfect for those who live in colder weather as it allows for a cozy spot. Not only that, but firepits also increase the resale value of the house and make for the perfect focal point in the garden. When you design an outdoor garden, having a space that everyone can gather around is important.


A fireplace is perfect for those who usually have friends and family over. However, fireplaces can be pretty dangerous and it is important that you set up required safety precautions when building them. One of those would be to cover the firepits when not in use to avoid the risk of animals or children falling in them. Also, consider getting fire alarms. You can get some installed by professionals by clicking here.

Fireplaces are also a good spot to have if you live in a country that has mosquito and bug problems, especially at night or evening times as fireplaces help in removing them. You can burn mosquitos as bug repellent woods and herbs in your fireplace to get a garden free of these invasive species. However, ensure that you do not burn things that cause harm to the native bugs and birds in your area.


No matter the kind of garden you design, having a pavement is extremely important for you to be able to enjoy all the beautiful flowers and plants that you have planted. Moreover, the kind of pavement you adopt sets the mood for the entire garden. An example would be the use of grey and white stone that has been put in a very random way with no particular design that gives a French country look to the garden.

Garden Path

On the other hand, a monochromatic pavement that’s been laid down sleek and properly gives a modern-classic look to the garden. You can also coordinate the color of your pavement with the flowers to make the garden look complete. Consider getting bright blooms in shades of purple and white if you are going for the modern monochrome pavement. On the other hand, white pavement that has a more mellow look will go well with colors like yellows and reds.

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