Coming Up with an SMS Marketing Strategy That Works for Real Estate

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Chat messaging, and emails, text messaging, messaging strategy are considered some of the greatest tools for communication in today’s modern Information Age. With its ease of use and universal accessibility, it can undoubtedly be an effective marketing medium, especially for business people to engage with customers and expand their networks. Real estate, in particular, can take advantage of the potential of text messaging in looking for interested leads and ultimately, closing deals. An app like drivebuy technologies, for example, is an innovative yet simple way of tracking prospective clients and pitching sales.

This article talks about how SMS can be a powerful marketing tool to use in the real estate industry. But before we dive into specifics, let’s first discuss a few key terms which you will encounter along the way.

  • SMS –SMS or short message service is a mobile device service that enables users to send text messages to other mobile device users. A key advantage of SMS over chat messaging, messaging strategy is that it can send texts instantaneously even without internet connection.
  • MMS –MMS, on the other hand, stands for multimedia messaging service which enables mobile device users to send text messages that include multimedia content such as photos, videos, or audios.
  • Riders –Riders are small signages that can be placed outside the property of interest, which contain information such as keywords, short codes, and phone numbers.
  • Keywords –Keywords are short words or any combination of letters written on riders which potential leads can use to opt in for messages regarding the listing and to acquire a realtor’s contact info.
  • Short codes –Short codes are short phone numbers, usually four or five digits, where keywords are to be sent. When buyers opt in using a specific keyword, they will receive messages from these short codes.
  • Campaigns –Campaigns or campaign messages are custom reply messages sent to buyers who opted in using a keyword. These may contain information about the property such as its address or size.
  • Autoresponders –Lastly, autoresponders are short campaign messages that are pre-scheduled to be sent to a list of potential clients. They can be anything – information about the property, interest check or links to relevant websites.

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How Does This Winning SMS Marketing Strategy Work?

Now, how do these key terms come together to establish an effective and efficient messaging strategy, marketing strategy for real estate? Let’s have a walk through it.

Written on your riders are your unique keywords and a short code which a prospective client chances upon, probably on their way to the gym or a restaurant. They type in the keyword in their smartphone and send it to the short code provided. After a few seconds, they receive an automated campaign message containing essential information about the property, which might include the size, number of rooms, even a quote, and of course the realtor’s number, which the client can text afterwards to learn more about the property or set a personal appointment.

Inevitably, some leads may take their time before finally deciding to take it a step further and set a meeting with the realtor. During this lag time, autoresponders come in handy. They can help keep the property on the priority list of clients by sending pre-scheduled, auto-generated follow-up texts, which can be offers for a virtual tour or just a quick reminder that the property is still available in the market.

Some Tricks and Tips on Improving Your SMS Marketing Strategy

1. Generating template messages to keep your client interested may be a bit tricky, but one thing to always consider is to keep them short and direct. The initial campaign message can include important information such as the property’s address, size, profile, price, and of course, your contact info. If you want to include the some extra details, you may also pin the property’s Google Maps link or a link to a virtual tour.

2. An advantage of this tactic is higher engagement. Because the clients actively opt in for messages, chances are they are genuinely interested in the listing and are more likely to respond to your texts. Take advantage of this by sending MMS messages containing photos and even short video walkthroughs of the property.

3. Use your campaign messages to collect data from your prospects such as their name, budget, and city.

To get you started, here is an example of a starting campaign message that a buyer will receive once they opt in:

“Thank you for your interest in 36 Burgundy St.! The house is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom property with a built-in garage. Call us at +1 (403) 731-0620 for more information.”

And that’s it! SMS marketing, messaging strategy can be an extremely useful tool to help you look for clients and connect with them. It is a cost-effective, efficient, and safe way of making transactions. Whether you’re on the go or just casually doing work, SMS marketing lets you stay on track.

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