The Email Marketing Checklist: 5 Steps for a Successful Email Campaign

Email Marketing Checklist

Email marketing checklist: Despite the unprecedented growth of social media, email remains to be the core component of marketing campaigns. It is personal, transactional, and barely intrusive. Adweek reports that email marketing is six times more effective than social media. 

Generally, when we speak about marketing trends, the way things go obsolete in this landscape leaves you awestruck. One day you are fully immersed in a campaign, only to find out, it is no longer functional. 

But email marketing shows no sign of fading away anytime soon. Instead, digital marketers are improvising in this segment with each passing day.

How does Email Marketing help?

Essentially, email marketing is the practice of sending various types of content to a list of subscribers. It works to increase traffic, amplify conversion, and enhance brand awareness. The key is to ensure that each email aligns with the interest of the recipients. 

When appropriately planned, email marketing turns out to be the most cost-effective method for generating and nurturing leads. Through this method, you can opt for various communication strategies:

  • Commercial – The aim is to increase impulsive behavior when announcing a new product or promotional offer. Taylor Stitch, for example, writes how many pieces of each product they have in stock.
  • Loyalty – The target is to promote and sustain the relationship with a customer. The weekly emails by BuzzFeed are hilarious and pretty engaging.
  • Informational – The aim is to inform clients about future events or get their feedback. Airbnb has done some fantastic work of telling people about secret places in different countries.
  • Location – This is to inform people of the whereabouts of their new physical store. For example, Aesop uses beautiful and simple illustrations helping people discover their new stores.
  • Power up the mentioned strategies with relevant content to achieve good results. 

Steps for a Successful Email Campaign

According to the figures released by Return Path, the average email subscriber receives 13 commercial emails per day. How to make sure that subscribers read your mail? Is there a way to boost the number of subscribers? 

Here are five email marketing checklist must-haves for your email marketing campaign to become fruitful:

1.      Design a Targeted Email List

email marketing checklist 1. A successful email marketing campaign starts with qualified leads who want to know what you have to offer. The best ideas for email marketing success involve identifying the needs and desires of your customers. As per an Ascend discovery, 51% of marketers say that their email campaign fails due to a lack of relevant information about recipients.

An excellent way to create a targeted email list is to convert your website audience into subscribers. One method you can use in this regard is the exit-intent pop-ups. It detects user behavior to prompt them with a relevant campaign just when they are about to leave your site. increased its email list by 150%. They added a “lightbox optin” to the homepage. When a user attempts to leave, this optin shows up, asking them to subscribe for exciting future content. 

2.      Identify Your Goals

According to the Fourth Source website, 92% of internet users have at least one email account. The chance of conveying your message through email is higher as compared to social media. As in this case, you don’t need to tweak up your content according to the platform.

All you need in the email arena is – understanding the goal of each email you send. What do you want to be achieve with email? Plus, it would be best if you acknowledge the ongoing digital marketing trends. 

Typical goals for an email campaign include:

  • Welcoming new customers/subscribers 
  • Boosting engagement with content
  • Nourishing existing customers with value
  • Re-engaging inactive people
  • Segmenting subscribers

When writing your copy, pretend like you’re writing for one person. It should be like a conversation than a formal marketing copy. The Nation’s editor wrote this warm email and also added his signature at the bottom.

3.      Use Best Technology

It takes an awful lot of struggle to create a good-looking email from scratch. Without efficient tools, marketers may end up spending hours on an email that doesn’t look stunning. It blocks their productivity and diffuses the marketing ROI. 

Thankfully, tech has gifted us with some incredible email marketing tools. You can look for assistance like:

  • Instant campaign-creation and automation, such as MailChimp or HubSpot
  • Segmenting your audience
  • In-depth analysis of the campaign’s overall performance
  • Integration with software such as WordPress or Asana

4.      Design Accessible Emails

A significant chunk of your subscribers may miss your emails. People with visual, physical, neurological, or cognitive disabilities may not read the emails properly. 1 out of the every 12 men and 1 out of every 200 women suffer from a color deficiency. If you fail to consider this populace, all your email marketing efforts will end up in doom. 

It takes merely a few steps to make your emails more accessible for all subscribers. You have to follow guidelines, such as:

  • Create a sharp contrast between background and text
  • Avoid complicated jargon or vocabulary
  • Use alt text to describe imagery
  • Remove flashing lights that may cause a seizure
  • Place captions for videos and images

5.      Plan Follow-ups

Run a follow-up on every subscriber who is receiving your emails. Compare how many CTAs you’re sending against the conversion rate. Are the subscribers responding to the main action you want them to take (sign-up for newsletters, follow-up on social media, etc.)

Kuno Creative recommends that when you create emails, you must keep them timely, engaging, relevant, and valuable. 

Uber does a marvelous job in this aspect. It keeps the text brief with a clear CTA. As for those who are willing to learn about their new offer, there is a link provided. This way, they understand how many people prefer to skim through messages and the potential of building a permanent customer base.

Parting Thoughts

The statistical evidence and corporate trends tell us one thing for sure – email marketing is far from dying. It is, instead, becoming savvier. We hope our email marketing checklist helped you gain some insight into this strategy. Hopefully, you will curate a flawless email marketing scheme for your venture. 

So go ahead and use power of emails to level up your game!

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