Digital Magazines: Why are they so popular?

Digital Magazines

Digital magazines: The transitional advancement from traditional to the modern digitalized epoch has proved that the change is the only constant. In the fast pace of the 21st century, technology and humans have emerged as the digital companions in every facet of human life. Digitalization has left its indelible imprints worldwide ranging from the advancement in the field of education, print media, social media, economy, transactions, mass media etc.

In this digital era, the relevance of a digital magazine has increased by leaps and bounds. Are you considering to create the best digital magazine ever? You have a great idea! But how do you get started? How do you ensure your magazine has useful content and generate revenue?

All you need for the best digital magazine is to look at what the top digital magazines are doing and learn from the things they are doing right and avoid the wrong ones. Here the best digital magazine that can you use as inspiration. Let’s see why digital magazine are becoming a popular reading material:

Global Distribution

In this era of globalization where the globe is connected together with one click of a button, digital magazines have a far reach and caters to a wide range of audience across the globe. This is something that is lacking in the hardcopies of the magazines.

Occupies no space in your closet

The stack upon stack of magazines that finally land in your storeroom coated in dust is something that no one likes. The digital magazines in that area helps save us from that hassle. One click of your mouse and you are able to turn the pages of the magazine, be it of 50 pages or 100 and you won’t need to worry about it occupying the space in your closet or storeroom

Lower cost and higher opportunity

We all know that to publish a magazine or book would incur a cost of production and its quiet high when we take the printing and publishing into account. With digital magazine we save a lot and more people get the opportunity to be published. Not to mention, it gives people immense satisfaction to see there name associated with articles online. Above all it is ecologically better option for reducing carbon foot print.

Much more interactive

A digital magazine is much more interactive than its old counterpart, as we can get feedbacks regarding the articles and content easily and immediately. In this fast, technology driven world, nobody would wait for feedbacks through posts. Digital magazine provide a platform for the writers to showcase their talent and for their reader to provide immediate feedback

The content speaks

The content for digital magazines can speak for itself because digital magazines have options to not only attach pictures to make the magazine interesting but videos can also be attached to help in the better understanding of the article. The content markets itself and the benefits are much more.

In this context, lets speak about the Weaver Magazine, which is a digital magazine hence it has all the aforementioned points, but there are few things that separates this magazine from others. WEAVER digital magazine weaves the threads of thoughts, imagination and expression on a digital platform fabricating the warps and wefts of 3A’s, namely Accessibility, Affordability and Availability to the masses. Like a fabric is a mélange of colorful threads, similarly WEAVER magazine is a plethora of conspicuous ideas in form of essays, quizzes, poems, articles, etc. It not only provides a chance to explore new ideas but mentors the path to enlighten the spirit by presenting the testimonials of the outstanding works. Just a click away dwells the young aspirer’s hermit of passionate writing to accomplish through the digital platforms. It is easy to use and handle, time and paper saving and most importantly, portrays the adepts at one’s own pace with the favorable circumstances. Additionally, it allows global interaction and social media conducts a fair feedback to attain the impeccable flair in writing.

To further add laurels to the legacy of advancing digitalization in literary field encompasses the efforts of the digital magazine “WEAVER” which has emerged as a bestowed opportunity for the young enthusiastic and inquisitive minds across the globe. Digitalization is the song of reality and WEAVER endeavors to suture the threads of reality to yearn a paradigm of digitalized writing platform.

The magazine is edited and brought together by the readers of the magazine themselves. This helps literary enthusiasts to not only indulge in writing but also to understand the nuances of publishing and editing a magazine.  Anyone with the eagerness to be on board the editorial team is welcome and the perk of it is that you earn a certificate that acclaims your work on the magazine. This certificate can enhance the weight of your resume. The magazine contains some quality essays on a variety of interesting topics with writers all across the globe. Everyone wants to develop his speaking skills today but the most important thing that we skip is that reading is also an integral part of improving our vocabulary. When we read articles on various topics, we get new ideas as well as enrich our vocabulary. The Weaver becomes a one stop shop for this need of ours. The magazine helps you to understand the creative ways of presenting an article. Since the articles are checked for plagiarism before being put in the magazine, it guarantees you new ideas and ways to approach a topic. With a click of your mouse, you can access a plethora of articles and other information and that too for free.

These are the few points that make weaver magazine unique and to actually experience the difference you need to check out the magazine at and indulge your brain in some great food for thought. Hence, digital magazine weaves the creative dreams of young emerging writers by nurturing their strings of colorful threads, emancipating their millennial thoughts and point of view and conceal them in the world of paradise weaving imagination into reality.

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