Top 10 Dual-Edged Display Smartphones

Dual Edged Display Smartphones

Dual Edged Display Smartphones: Dual edged phones came in fashion after 2014 when Samsung launched Galaxy Note Edge. It was the first dual edged phone. Since then, many companies have incorporated this feature in their phone models. Although the edged display does not help the real value of the phone, yet it is trendy. They look very enchanting, and that’s what attracts the customers. 

The initially dual-curved display was only the thing of Samsung; it’s not the case anymore. Many other companies such as one plus, Vivo and Huawei have launched dual-edged phones. 

If you want an edged smartphone, but there’s a bee of confusion buzzing in your head, then you’ve landed on the perfect page. We’ve come down to a list of ten best dual edged display smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and note 10 plus

Samsung had to be at the top. The Note 10 and note 10 plus have the dual-edged display feature. Apart from that, it has 8 GB and 12 GM (plus model) of RAM. Its battery is 3500 Mah and 4300 MaH (plus model). They both work on Android 9.0. One thing that’s missing in them is a 3.5 mm port. 

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro has a dual-edged OLED screen. It has an HD+ Resolution. This model has 4 back cameras, and it attracts users who are into photography. It comes with a massive 4300 mAh battery and 8GB RAM. It’s glass, and metal body makes it look even more attractive. It’s undoubtedly one of the best-edged phones in the market. 

OnePlus 7T pro

It’s 6.67 inches edged OLED display makes it stand out. Its refresh rate is 90Hz which makes movements and animations look fluid. It comes with snapdragon 855 and 12 GB RAM. It also has 3 rear cameras and fingerprint sensor. it’s surely one of the best phones available right now. 

ZTE Axon 10 Pro

This model has Snapdragon 855 chipset, 3 cameras at back and battery of 4000 mAh. Its front camera is 20MP, and it supports wireless charging! This phone has basically everything you want in a phone except 3.5 mm port. 

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

It’s another great phone with an edged display of 6.39 inches. It has three back cameras and has 8GB RAM with 128GB storage. You’ll also get a 4,200 mAh battery with 3D face recognition feature. But it comes without a headphone jack. 

Nubia Z20

It comes with a 6.42-inch curved display with HD+ Resolution. It also has a secondary display of 5.1 inches, generally for selfies since it doesn’t have a front camera. It has 8GB of RAM with Snapdragon 855. It also supports 512 GB storage and has 3900 mAh battery. 


TCL 10 PRO UK comes with a 6.47 inches curved display. It supports Snapdragon 675 and has a 4500 mAh battery. It also has four rear cameras and a 24 MP selfie camera. It’s without any doubt one of the best-edged phones available.

Vivo Nex 3

This phone has a large display of 6.89 inches. Its other features include a pop up front camera, Snapdragon 855 and 8GB RAM. It also has 3 rear cameras and is also available in 5G! It is undoubtedly a good value for money. 

Moto Edge and Motorola Edge +

Motorola Edge + comes with Snapdragon 865 whereas Moto Edge comes with Snapdragon 765G. Both have 6.7 inches curved edge HD+ resolution display. Edge+ is the better model with 108 MP camera and 6K recording. They have 12GB (Motorola Edge+)  and 6GB (Moto Edge) RAM and 5000mAh (Motorola Edge+)  and 4500 mAh ( Moto Edge) battery. 

Xiaomi MI 10

This model comes with a 6.67 inches curved display with Snapdragon 865. It also has 256GM ROM and 8 GB RAM. It has an astonishing 108 MP LED front camera paired with a 20MP front camera. It also has battery support of 4780 mAh. 

So, these were our top 10 choices of the dual edged display smartphones. Curved edged phones are a fantastic feature that makes any phone stand out. It sums up the whole look of the phone into a dazzling masterpiece that is a must-have. 

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