Top 4 Incredible things to Do with New Smartphone

New Smartphone

Recent times are a witness to the massive technological and software changes that impact people’s lives. Smartphones are the biggest and the most glittering example of technological advancements. Nowadays, almost everybody owns a smartphone to get themselves their daily source of entertainment besides fulfilling their needs via it. Consequently, the smartphone becomes slow and undergoes wear and tear with continuous usage over the years with time. Such situations call for a change. 

Whenever you decide to get a new Smartphone, go for reliable smartphones like the Huawei p50 pocket phone that comes with the most advanced features and best user experiences. Even for people wanting to get hold of a new smartphone for the first time, such phones are better to start and end with. You might have a lot of options concerning smartphones, but the major step is to figure out how to use them.

Sometimes we end up buying the best of smartphones but sit clueless, thinking about what to do and what not to. The diverse exposure that smartphones offer these days often confuse a person about how they should use them. Are you someone who deals with the dilemma of things that you can do with your new smartphone? Well, the solution is right here. Following is a list of four incredible things that you can and should do with your new smartphone to test its horizons. 

Start With The Basics

Before we delve deep into the other exciting things that you can do with your new smartphone, make sure that you begin with the basics. Start by shifting the contacts from your old phone to the new one. Make sure that you connect your new phone with the google accounts and email accounts. Taking care of these aspects ensures that your work and other important aspects do not come to a standstill due to a change in the device. 

Another aspect here is downloading the important and other leisure apps you wish to use. Next up under the list of basic dos is to ensure the safety of your phone. Put adequate locking systems with passwords, patterns, or facial verifications that ensure that your phone is accessible to you and no one else. 

Enable It As A Barcode Scanner

Nowadays, barcodes are present in almost every place we go. Right from the shops, we visit the products we buy, everywhere barcodes come in handy for getting some necessary jobs done. Some barcodes help you transfer money, while some will help you gain necessary information about products. Nowadays, even restaurants and hangouts prefer barcodes to propagate their menu. Here you can use your new phone as a barcode scanner and get all the necessary things done. The back camera of the phone will help you in this case. 

Enable Your Assistant Feature

Nowadays, phones have an assistant feature customised by Google that helps make any decisive action. You would find people taking the pain of unlocking their phone, finding the necessary application they wish to use, clicking on it, and then starting with the function. Such detailed steps of action are often time-consuming and frustrating for people. Consequently, in a fast-moving world, you need to do things in the blink of an eye. Here the assistant feature comes in handy as all you need to do is turn it on and give a vocal direction. Once it reads the direction, it performs the necessary function immediately. Try it with the Google Assistant on your phone by saying “Ok Google”.

Use Your Phone As A Remote Control

The smartphones of today are capable of any possible task. You can even use the phone as a remote control. Try installing the remote application that allows you to run your TV via the phone. Consequently, you can connect your phone with your bike or car and exercise controls from the device. You can turn them on /off or track their distance covered or course throughout the day.

Above are just a few innovative things you can do with your smartphone. There are numerous other things, and once you discover them all, buying the smartphone will be of greater worth.

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