Discord On PS4

Discord On PS4

Discord is a VoIP app in the US primarily used by people to chat and make communities. The best convenience you can get from Discord is the compatibility with different gadgets and topic-based goods.

Many people have been using the Discord app on their systems and smartphones but are unaware of the exciting experience they can get while connecting it to the PS4.

Reasons To Use Discord On PS4

The video game freaks mainly use PS4, and Discord can help them to have a realistic experience as they often talk with the community of gamers. Also, Discord allows the other gamers of the community to have an idea about how you are playing a particular game. Furthermore, you can communicate with other members of the community while playing the game. 

The usage of Discord on PS4 is becoming trendy as most gamers are connecting it with their favourite gaming console. If you have still not connected the Discord app with the PS4, go through the following points to have a clear idea. 

The Procedure Of Connecting Discord On PS4

Connecting Discord on PS4 is a tricky and tiresome process, but if you are a regular gamer, try it to get a heavenly feeling. The process of installing the app on PS4 is given  below: 

Step 1:  Accumulate The Equipment For Setting Up Discord On Ps4

There are different types of equipment that are necessary to set up Discord on PS4. You should accumulate them initially to ease the installation process. The list is given below:

  • An A40 TR Headset  that comes with an optical cable and is compatible with a USB connection
  • Three types of 3.5mm cables like Male to Male, Aux Splitter, and a 3.5mm cable with volume control.

If you have previously installed Discord on your desktop, you might already have this equipment. 

Step 2: Install Discord On Any Other Gadgets Like Laptops And Smartphones

To get Discord on your PS4, you will need to install it on a different gadget like a desktop or a smartphone. After installation, you have to activate an account properly.

Step 3: Access The Browser On The Console

In this step, you have to open the browser from the console of PS4. After that search for “Discord” on it. You should check if the option you are choosing is authentic and updated. Remember that the outdated versions might not work properly.  

Step 4: Enter The Required Information

After you have downloaded Discord on the console, activate the same account you have on your system or smartphone. All you need to do in this case is enter the password of that account on the PS4 console. 

Step 5: Log In

Entering the password rightly on the console can lead you to access the Discord account from your PS4 console. You can chat with people from the PS4 console itself.  So, it is clear that you cannot download the Discord app on your PS4 console but connect it to a pre-existing account. 

Ways to Use Discord on PS4

Once you have connected the Discord app to your PS4 gaming console, it is time to use it the right way. Here are the details about how you can use it.

  1. Connecting Cables

First, you have to connect the optical cables between your console and the TR  headset. This will enable the audio setup. However, you have to change the audio settings on your console. 

To change the audio settings on your console, you have to go to the PS4 ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Sound and Screen’ option. You will find a tag named ‘Audio Output Settings’ which you need to change to Optical. 

  1. Check Base Station

The base station is a vital element that you need to check when using Discord on PS4. You have to connect the double-sided (Male to Male) USB to your PC and the console. The audio mode should be set to ‘PC mode’, or else it would not work properly. 

  1. Resetting The Input Settings

You need to change the input settings of the console to ensure that it works properly. Access the ‘Voice Settings’ and change it to mix amp. Using the 3.5mm  jack, you will be able to run the audio of Discord on your PC speaker. If the audio does not work correctly, you have to modify the audio settings further. 

At times, the speakers can also have an internal problem, and it can act as a barrier for the audio. You need to clear all such issues to enjoy the flawless performance of Discord on your PS4. 

Joining PS4 Party

You can join the PS4 party while actively playing the game. The best part is that you can share the screen with the community members. You can go with this option if the Discord connection shows an error. The procedure for joining the PS4 party is mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Search for the PS4 Remote Play Software and download it. Look for the updated version of the software and download it.
  • Step 2: Go to the PSN account and turn it on. This helps you to access the PS settings, and you can modify the necessary features to set up the PC PS4 party easily. 
  • Step 3: Search for the Party Chat option on the PC and turn it on. This option helps you to participate in the PC party instantly. 
  • Step 4: Active Remote Play as a background software on your system. Running this app in the background can help you to play the game without any interruptions. 

Remember that you can choose to activate the PC party only if your Discord shows an error. As a regular user, you cannot get that real charm without using the Discord app. 

The Uniqueness of Discord App

If you are planning to connect the Discord app with your PS4, a common question can arise in your mind- Why on Discord and no other VoIP apps? Well, the Discord app has some uniqueness in it that makes it fit to be a support system for a video gamer.

  1. Game Stream with Go Live

You can stream video games with the Go Live feature available on Discord. Very few other apps provide you with this feature. Discord App performance is comparatively better than the others. 

  1. Get Game invites

As the Discord app is based on communities, you can get many game invitations. If you are a PS4 user, search for the relevant communities and join them after activating your account. 

  1. Realistic feeling

As a gamer, you would always want to enjoy a realistic feeling while playing a game. Discord can satisfy you in this case. All you need to do is to set up the system to get the right output successfully. 

You can enjoy the best feeling while playing the team games on PS4 as you will be able to communicate with the other team members in an advanced manner with the help of Discord.  

  1. Allows using Bots

Suppose you are playing a videogame and someone is trying to communicate with you through the Discord app, then the best thing you can do is take the support from a Discord Bot. In the same way, you can use a Bot while gaming actively. 

To know more about the game bots available on the Discord app, execute relevant searches on the internet.

  1. Build up a server

You can build up a server on the Discord application. It can help you as a gamer and add up relevance as a PS4 user in the community.

Final Words

There are many reasons why most people,  especially gamers, choose the Discord app over others. Great upkeep and performance are the pillars on which the Discord application is standing.

Gamers can enjoy the convenience of connecting Discord with PS4 in multiple gadgets consisting of different Operating Systems. The application runs on systems with iOS, Windows and Linux. Moreover, it is compatible with Android too, which makes it an excellent chatting option on smartphones. 

On the other hand, PS4 is an advanced gaming console that modern gamers prefer due to the clarity it provides. In such a scenario, the gamers look for extensions and support systems that can give them a realistic feel while playing the games. 

As per the present scenario, Discord is still not downloadable on the PS4, but both the teams are working on designing a setup where Discord can directly run on the PS4. In case of such a setup,  you will not need to integrate two different systems with several connectors. As a result, you can save a lot of money. 

However, till the advanced setup comes in the market, you have to activate the Discord app on PS4 following this procedure. We would suggest you do it if you have newly purchased a PS4 recently. If you are a non-technical guy, try to seek help from a person who knows the entire setup. You can also follow the procedures mentioned here, algorithmically.

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