5 Reasons Why a Startup Should Consider White Label Solution

White label solution

Currently, every startup has a few things similar – they have a very young CEO, they are addressing a real problem and they use mobile apps to establish user base quickly and start selling their product or service. Among so many similarities, the only thing which draws a line between a successful startup and a failed startup is the app development approach.

As of now, there are two popular mobile app development approaches every other startup is aware of. They can either opt for custom app development or app white labeling. Since a custom app development costs high for a small-medium scale startup, recently all startups have started giving preference to app white labeling.

So, if you are a startup that is in need to develop an app and not aware of the white label solution and benefits of it, here is the nuts and bolts of white label solution and its benefits.

What is a white label solution?

In a very general term, the white-label solution is “a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.”

But since we are talking about the mobile app, let’s discuss the most popular concept of White Label Solution in the IT industry.

A few years back, user expectation was increasing every passing day. Also, the presence of many startups providing the same service made the market a battleground. VCs were investing less in a startup lacking original ideas. Overall, the whole startup ecosystem was dying.

Amid such an unsettled situation, many app development companies emerged as the guardian angels. They come up with a unique solution which is called app white labeling. So, this is how an app white labeling is working in the IT industry.

A mobile app development company finds the market trend, I.e Uber-like apps, e-scooter app or food delivery apps. They then develop an app having all common features and promote it as the platform. So, now when a startup wishes to follow the trend and develop an Uber-like app or e-scooter app or food delivery app, the mobile app development company rebrands its already developed app and delivers it to startup within a month. In fact, the mobile app development company delivers the same app with different branding to all startups. However, if a startup wants to add extra features into the app, a mobile app development company writes code for it and adds those features only for that startup. This is how a white label solution provides quick and affordable app solutions as well as the flexibility to the early-stage startups.

For startups having no requirement of the custom app and having limited capital funds and time window, a white-label app solution is the best option. The following are the top ways a white label solution can help startups to grow faster.

5 game-changing benefits of white label solution

The following are the 6 game-changing benefits of white label solution which you can derive before deploying the app or even after deploying the app.

It costs you under $10K!

According to Forbes, early-stage startups are struggling to cope up with market challenges. And the main reason they find themselves trapped in the market is the lack of capital funds. So, when startups have already been suffering from empty bank accounts, they are always on the hunt for affordable mobile app solutions.

The reason why white label solutions come at the pocket-friendly price is because of the resources a mobile app development company invents to develop such an app. Since a white label solution only contains common features, a mobile app development company can engineer one such solution only in a few months and with not so expensive resources. Meaning, the amount a startup has to pay to acquire such a white label solution is very affordable. In most cases, a white label solution of the e-scooter app, taxi app, and any kind of on-demand app cost less than $10k.

You can deploy it in the market within a month!

When it comes to building the initial user base, time matters the most. You simply can’t afford to run the pre-app launch marketing campaign so long that some other entrepreneurs read your posts and launch the same service/product before you can launch yours. 

In the case with a white label solution, the mobile app development company just needs to do minor changes in UI of the already developed app before delivering it to you. Which means, they can deliver the app within 10 days. And if you have asked them to add a few custom features, they can deliver the app within 30 days. So, when you are getting your app so quickly, you can sync the pre-app launch marketing campaign and app deployment. 

It comes bug-free! (A big relief)

No matter how futuristic features you add to the app, if there is a single bug in the app, the user experience will be highly affected. Many startups have previously launched buggy apps and struggled to even hit 1000 downloads.

Since a white label solution is developed to distribute it to more than one client, a mobile app development company tests it aggressively. They try hard to find a bug and solve it before they deliver it to the first client. And even if they deliver a buggy app to the first client, he must inform about the bug to a mobile app development company and they solve it. In this way, there is not a single chance that you’ll get an app that has bugs.   

It supports high traffic!

Generally, a small startup does not need the scalable app as it only attracts a few users in the initial period of time. But later, when the same startup becomes popular and more users visit their app, they need to have a capable app to handle large traffic.

Almost all companies developing a white label solution develop it while keeping fundamentals of app scalability in mind. They create it in such a way that scaling up an app in the future would be an easy job and it won’t cost more to startup.

It lets you focus on core business!

A businessman should have more than one task to accomplish at the given time. And all those tasks are equally important. Amid such a situation, what if he has to shift his all energy and focus from all tasks to the only task which is mobile app development?!

This is what exactly happened when he opts for custom app development. In custom app development, he has to trigger many conversations with the business team, developers, designers, and research fellows to get his app ready. And since the time window of custom app development has already been very wide, he has to spend a great amount of time in just discussing things. 

Whereas if you opt for a white label solution, you can get the app ready in just one to two discussions. Meaning, you will get more time to focus on other business terms that lead your business to the next level.

In the nutshell:

App development is a tedious process, especially for a startup. What makes it even worse is the presence of many app development approaches. However, after studying the fact, one can firmly say that for a small scale startup that is struggling to raise a decent fund and has very limited time, a white label solution is the best approach.

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Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, which offer white label e-scooter platform. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.
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