Ways to Extend your Android app development business

android app development business

If you think that you can easily become an excellent android developer, think again. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, passion, and perseverance.No shortcuts to help you get there, just pure commitment. You also need to have the mindset of a successful developer. All these virtues will help you get where you want to be. To help you with this quest here are some great tips to expand your  android app development business.

Start contributing to open-source 

Many developers have already created their android apps and are just sitting on their knowledge refusing to share it with the app-building community. If you are one of them, then it is time you think of outsourcing your Android app talent, so that other app developers can build on it. It also gives you a chance to learn a few things you didn’t know before as an Android app developer. You will eventually grow by putting this added knowledge to practice. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet developed an app that is worth sharing, you can start by fixing some bugs, improve the documentation or write a few tests there. 

android app development
android app development

Be familiar with the Android framework internals

This is about familiarizing yourself with the actual Android framework code, and not just mere documentation. I have discovered that a vast majority of Android app developers shy away from going deep into the core of Android framework internals. This is not advisable when you want to expand your app development career. It is always good to discover how things work by trying to put the pieces together. Go ahead and embrace the inner works 6 of Android mobile development SDK. 

android framework
android framework

Learn clean coding guidelines for Android

This is one area that any Android developer can’t afford to ignore if he or she wants to expand Android mobile development. It is had to work with an app developer who doesn’t know how to use clean code, which is an essential part of mobile app development. It is always good to maintain the basic coding guidelines of Android development. If you think of it like rocket science, then you will not succeed, and you will remain a mediocre app developer. 

coding android
coding android

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Consider learning more languages

Learning new app development languages puts you in a better position of being picked by multinationals to build them an app. In other words, you expand your repertoire to appeal to many lucrative app development projects. Just like any language, you will be sought after since there are very few people who are willing to learn these programming languages. This also helps you to remain updated with industry app development trends. The best way to go about learning languages is to try at least 1 Language at least after six months. 

learning android
learning android

Don’t over-engineer things. Be realistic. 

Many developers always want to show off their app development skills by overdoing the app development . They end up complicating things further, and the development process causing more harm than good. It is always good to stick to your lane and slowly gain new knowledge to perfect your apps. Focus on that is suitable for the project at that time and you can slowly but surely progress. 

Final thoughts  

I believe that these few tips have given you enough insight into how to become a better Android developer. By observing them, you will surely reap the fruits of your mobile app business.  

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