How to use AngularJS in Application Development?


AngularJS is a JavaScript open-source framework for developing front-end, largely single page web applications. Many people know that AngularJS is such a framework that is regarded as the adaptable front-end framework. And, the only reason behind it is the languages accepted in AngularJS- JavaScript, and HTML. Do you know how many developers use JavaScript? In my opinion more than 80% of developers. It seems to me this fact makes JavaScript the 2nd most useful language to be used between the developers across the globe. On the whole, I think AngularJS is the most valuable technology for web applications development and their developers. Moreover, due to its way, advantages, and features, AngularJS becomes the best front-end technology for web app development.

Let’s understand everything about AngularJS in detail.

What is AngularJS application?

Let’s begin understanding what is meant by AngularJS application. The AngularJS application is a browser-based application that has web pages that are dynamically written to give seamless user knowledge. In short, an AngularJS app is a progressive web application that uses increased HTML and JavaScript to improve the application.

Why is AngularJS used?

The sole purpose of creating AngularJS was to promote the development of web applications for developers. Know what are the main reasons to use AngularJS for web application development? Let’s have a look at them:

Increasing the HTML attributes

You must agree that AngularJS is used to increase the existing HTML properties using directives. These directives make it reasonable to bring our HTML components. It is generally accepted that these directives support the developers to write their code using HTML. As matter of fact, this means that directives provide the custom HTML components, unlike HTML on its own.

HTML data binding

In this day and the age of smartphones, you can understand automatically syncing the data. And, data binding in AngularJS is the same as automatically syncing the data between the original and view elements. You can see, AngularJS makes two-way binding simple and fast. I recommend all developers to jump on to AngularJS.

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Simple to learn

Many people claim, JavaScript is the most informal language to learn. Also, once you learn that, any language held by JavaScript becomes simple to learn and understand. As for AJS, it is a mixture of HTML and JavaScript. Nowadays, JavaScript is one of the most usable and helpful languages. It goes without saying, AJS becomes clear to learn.

Presenting more security

A particular research has found, when producing a web application using AngularJS, the developers take more steps to make the app secure. As usual, there is a full step by step process to guarantee the app data is secured and verified. Therefore, different companies look forward to AJS for their web app development.

Inventing the unit testing

Needless to say, being a JavaScript-based framework, AJS has to develop a special set of tests because JavaScript is interpreted and effective, and not selected. Therefore, it is simple to test the web application generated using AJS.

Holding great community

Clearly, AJS is supported by Google and the great community of developers is for sure added to the development environment which helps in keeping the AJS framework on the float. As you can see, this community is more active enough to explore, learn, and produce improvements to the AJS framework. Of course, this makes the development cycles easier and more active. So, I presented you with one of those reasons to use AJS for your web app development.

Being affordable

It’s not a secret that Angular is free. Therefore, only the development, testing, and support costs are added. If there are specific needs of paid libraries, tools, and other frameworks, then only there is an additional cost associated. As a result, AngularJS is used because it is an affordable choice for web app development.

Who Uses AngularJS?

Another point worth noting is there are several popular websites and web applications. They are created using AngularJS and have an extremely interactive and engaging user interface with user experience. Here is the list of them:

  1. PayPal
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. LinkedIn Corporation
  5. Forbes

When Should One Use AngularJS?

Useless to say, AJS is recommended when you need a full-featured framework for producing web applications from scratch as it provides you with everything you need in order to build the client-side of an application. It also performs everything in a more comfortable way for the developers to keep their web design organized and avoid repeating code. The advanced specialties included in AJS allow the developer to produce visually stunning and engaging applications. But otherwise it takes months of development time using the other real frameworks.


In today’s digital society, getting a perfect development tool for an app is a difficult task. Furthermore, after going through the guide, you are sure that you would understand that the AngularJS framework is the clear champion by giving such huge advantages. You’re working in a corner and want impressive popularity, you should go for the one with its movements and events.

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