Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Developing a Mobile App For Small Business

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This era, the 21st century, where everything is possible with the magic of one click – the rapid adoption of mobile apps isn’t something very shocking. However, this rising number of apps on the play store might shock you. 

Depicting that the market of mobile applications is booming and would keep rising with the commence of each year. According to research done by Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate 935 billion US dollars till the time it hits 2023

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Look at the number of apps in the market; small businesses might be sprouting with all sorts of questions. Questions like – how do I stand out of the crowd, and make my app unique in a way that not only the web presence extended, but proactive engagement fulfilled?

Well, to begin with, it is not a complicated process; all you need to do is avoid making those mistakes that everyone is making, and hire a perfect app developer.

Thus, here are the top 10 mistakes that you should avoid when you are building an app for your business.

But Before That

Before you get into the facts stating the mistakes that you might make, you have to be clear on the agenda (Especially the small businesses which are trying to make a mark in this field). These goals would tell you why you are creating the app in the first place, and what all things are necessary and essential. 

Thus, while Developing Mobile Apps, small organizations have to carefully examine the results, which based on the following things:

  • What is the purpose of building a mobile app?
  • How are the users going to achieve that purpose?
  • What are the advantages that the client would get to form the construction of this app?
  • How are the clients going to achieve the benefit?
  • What is the future of the app?

Thus, it is vital to examine the factors that come before the mobile app development for small business. The above process would give them a more precise idea and would help them flourish their blossoming business. 

Now that you are aware of the agenda and the process, you need to be careful with the mistakes. 

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Looking into the Possible Mistakes That Might Happen while Developing a mobile App

There are many developers in the market that might not be that excellent when it comes to app development, but the idea which they share is unique and sets them apart from the crowd, therefore to bring your ideas into action, you have to avoid some possible mistakes. To all the iOS App Developers as well as hire Android App Developer, try to keep a closer look at these things. 

1. Insufficient Research and Improper Planning 

Before you get into the whole development process and start developing your app, make sure you have sufficient information and data about it. What I mean is the research factor here. Avoid jumping to conclusions, and the theories that you tend to make after all those Google research. 


Well, because every app and its development process is different. It based on many factors. Thus knowing about the goal and purpose would solve most of the problem that is related to this. Besides, it is highly recommended to know about your competitors and determine how they are doing rather than relying on Goggle searches. Small businesses need to understand that there could be ten different platforms to release your app, and that is the reason why the product should fit in the market by constructing an MVP (minimum viable product) 

2. Building a Mobile App that is Similar to Desktop App or a Website 

Note that creating a mobile app does not mean that you have to develop and smaller version of a website or desktop app.

Mobile app developers should be cautious when they tend to develop an app. They need to understand the functionality from the perceptive of a smartphone user. Not understanding the objective that tells you that: Mobile App is different from desktop App or website is the biggest mistake that is a developer can make. Hire Mobile App Developer that undermines the whole purpose of mobile application and quickly understands the functionality too. 

building a mobile app
  • Long Response Time

According to Google, more than 33% of smartphone users in every market had negative reviews for the app that gave them a slow experience. Thus it is quite evident that the app, which takes a lot of time for a result, results in lesser user connectivity. A delay of several seconds is enough for the customer to ditch your mobile site and go on to another one. Not only it affects the number of users, but it also affects productivity and compromises customer satisfaction.

To avoid this, the app developers have to optimize the code, which would help in the detection of the loopholes that might be present in your system, and you would get to know whether the code is redundant or not. If you feel that redundancy is present, then you can remove the unnecessary code if it is essential. 

slower app load time
  • Features are in Abundance

There might be a misconception on the fact that too many features might lead up to be a unique characteristic. But actually, it is not.

On the other hand, the app that has fewer features and a smooth learning curve tends to be a bigger hit among the users. With too many elements being in it, drawbacks that come with the app would be:

  • It affects the user experience. It makes it more troublesome and confusing.
  • Too many features would also affect the loading speed. It would make it slow.
  • Too many resources will use if many features are into the app. It means that there would be a wastage of resources and drainage of time.
  •  Not establishing a Cross-Platform Approach

The businesses that are blossoming and budding in the area of mobile app should know that establishing a cross-platform approach would help you decide whether you need to stay on the hybrid app or native app. In other words, if you are a limited budget ( which might be the initial scenario for small businesses), then this is a perfect option for you. There might be some drawbacks that come up with this facility, but it is worth giving a shot.

To do so, you can use a tool that is called “PhoneGap.”

PhoneGap allows the developers to simultaneously build an app for both Android as well as the iOs app. Developers can use single source code to deploy, thus not asking for much hard work here.

Phone Gap
  • Registration Giving a Hard Time

Keep this in mind that having a simple registration process is the most significant advantage that an app can posses. A user does not want to share their details online, and thus it is essential to have a simple registration process. For making it simple, the developer can input social media log in, which would dodge all the disclosing of the necessary information. This is crucial that once the user gets login with the app, it should be login until it is uninstalled. It would help in storing up of credentials in user default so that when the user installs it again, you have the data.

  • Improper UI design

You would agree to the fact that the front-page or the homepage of your mobile app is the face of your app. Therefore, it speaks a lot about your business. An app with a simple design and operation process is something that attracts the user a lot. Thus the UI of the app would help in bringing good design to your potential customers.

A good UI design not only builds a healthy user-friendly environment but influences the performance too.

Therefore, while designing the user should keep in mind that they have to focus and target the audience and that the app should operate well on multiple devices.

improper ui desgin
  • Ignoring the Reviews

Users tend to take out their precious time and write the reviews that they feel are necessary for the app. It happens only in two conditions: either they are frustrated, or they enjoy your app. Either way, it is your duty to respond to these comments and work on it.

Reviews are the best way to learn about users like and dislike, which can further help you with the strategy.

The business that tends to ignore customer reviews fails to make a lasting impression. The reason is that: you have made the app only for the customer, and if they don’t target, then it is a lost cause.

  • Not giving a lot of attention to updates

Keep in mind that mobile development does not end with the launching of your app. Instead, you need to be ready to identify the requirement and the need of the user and then improve your app accordingly.

To deliver the updates that offer an improved feature, the user needs to check the comments and work upon it. Those are the areas where the customer tends to put their thoughts and tell what they exactly need.

Thus, Hire Android Developer or an ios developer that understands the needs of a customer.

  1. Predicating Immediate ROI

ROI or return of investment is that one expectation is expected by every other individual that is trying to make it big by building an app. It is good to expect positive feedback when you develop an app, but mind that it takes time. Note that only 1% of the apps that are on a platform tend to make a good ROI in its initial years.

Marketing is the key


Why I highlighted this point and made it is separate column should be evident by now. It is one of the essential factors that small businesses cannot ignore. The mobile marketing process should start as early as the development of the app. Widely known as pre-launched marketing, mobile apps for small business owners should create a buzz win the marketplace.


  • Well, mainly because the more you bring it in front of your target audience, the more you create a stir. You can manage it with the following tips:
  • As soon as you input the logo, name, concept and design elements start putting the content and update it frequently
  • Construct social profile and business pages in the name of your app.
  • Try to reach your audience via email marketing, banners, and other such platforms.
  • Try to contact influencers for the promotion of your app.
  • There are best marketing apps for small businesses; you can take an idea from them or use them even.

In the End

If you look at the more significant and brighter picture, the error-free mobile application development process should be the only motto of every small business out there. In short, when you hire a mobile app developer, you should keep in mind these points and then decide on it. I hope this article provides you with adequate knowledge of the mistakes that tend to happen while you are in the development process of constructing an app.

If you have any doubts regarding the same then you can leave a comment on the comment box, our experts would get back at you as soon as possible, and would try to give you sufficient aid.

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