TutuApp Android Download Tutorial 2020 – Official Version


One of the top third-party app installers in the world, TutuApp android, offers tons of modified content, not just for iOS devices but for Android users too. The device does not need to be rooted to use it, and it is completely free to use. Here are all the details.

How to Download TutuApp APK:

Installing TutuApp on Android is simple; follow these steps as written:

  1. Launch Security (in Android Settings) and tap on Unknown Sources to enable it
  2. Download TutuApp APK and ignore the Security warning – tap on OK
  3. Find and tap the APK file in your downloads folder and wait for the installation to finish
  4. When the TutuApp APK is on your Home screen, the installer is ready for you to use.

How to Use TutuApp:

This couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Open the app from your home screen
  2. Find whatever app or game you want – browse or use the search bar
  3. Tap your app or game and tap Install
  4. Wait for the installation to finish and enjoy

TutuApp Android Features:

With TutuApp Android, all the content is in handy categories:

  • App Store Apps –lots of apps and games, all free
  • Exclusive Apps –unofficial apps like tweaks, screen recorders, emulators, streaming apps, and more
  • Tweaked Apps –lots of stock apps with loads of extra features
  • Modified Games – popular games with new features and all in-app features unlocked

On top of that, TutuApp is completely free to use and is one of the most user-friendly app installers. It is fast and incredibly safe to use, with regular updates and new content being added all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do get quite a few questions asked about TutuApp, and these are the answers to the most commonly asked:

How Safe is TutuApp?

100% safe. The developers put lot of work into ensuring you have a safe experience with their app installers. It is monitored all the time and is kept free of malware, viruses, and anything else that could harm your device. If a problem is reported, they release a fix within 48 hours – you must install these updates when they are released to ensure your own safety. You should also have a good anti-virus software on your device as well and ensure that you only download TutuApp from the official source.

What Is Difference Between TutuApp VIP and VIP Membership?

Both offer you pretty much the same features and privileges but, until now, you needed to purchase a VIP account for all the devices you wanted to install TutuApp on. That meant, if you had said, three devices, you would need to purchase TutuApp VIP three times. A recent update has meant that you only need to purchase the VIP app once, set up a VIP membership, and use the app on any device you wanted.

How Do I Get My Privileges on TutuApp 2.0?

For those using v1.8 to 2.0, all you need to do is create a membership account, log in, and link it. For any other version, you must get in touch with customer services who can help you get your membership linked – make sure you have your UID and UDID to hand when you do this.

Can I Have These Privileges on Android?

Yes, you can. TutuApp was once only an iOS app installer, but demand led to the developers creating the Android version. This was followed by them providing VIP membership services for Android users too. Simply contact customer services, and they will help you.

What About a Renewal Discount For VIP Members?

If you have a VIP account and there are less than 60 days left before it expires, you can renew now and get a discount of 10% off the renewal fees.

Why Should I Download TutuApp?

Because it offers you a fantastic alternative to the official Android app store, not only is it completely free to use, it also gives you the option of using some iOS jailbreak tweaks and other iOS apps and games on your Android device, and you don’t even have to root your device to use it.

TutuApp is, without doubt, one of the most popular app installers ever released. With a choice of free or VIP services, there is very little that you can’t download and install onto your Android device. All the apps are modified in some way, be it with extra features or in-app features unlocked and free to use, and you even get a choice of emulators and streaming apps to choose from.

Download TutuApp onto your Android device today and enjoy one of the most feature-packed app stores ever released. If you find you like it, you can upgrade to a VIP version for a small payment and get even more features on your device.

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