How Can We Make Construction Sites More Secure?


Whether you work in construction or not, we all understand that the threat of an accident is always present. In fact, data from the Health and Safety Executive reveals there are 61,000 non-fatal injuries suffered by construction workers every year in Great Britain.

An issue that’s perhaps talked about less frequently is the security of sites up and down the country. Unfortunately, with so much expensive equipment, materials and machinery involved, building sites are a popular target for thieves, who see an opportunity to capitalise on that value by illegal means.

Not only can it cost thousands of pounds to replace these items, but the time it takes means a project’s deadline could be delayed days, weeks or even months. So, what can we do to guard against this problem?

Install security systems

The level of system you choose will depend on your budgetary limitations. Even something as rudimentary as fencing may be enough to deter potential thieves, while you could consider adding CCTV and an alarm system. There is also the option of employing a physical presence such as security personnel and guard dogs.

Keep the site well lit

Having adequate lighting is a must at all times to ensure safe conditions for workers, contractors and any other visitors. However, it makes sense to keep the site well lit even when not in use. It could act as a deterrent as thieves may believe work is still going on, while it will also enhance any CCTV imagery and improve your chances of bringing any perpetrators to justice.

Be prepared

The measures mentioned so far are preventative, but of course it’s unrealistic to guarantee that your site will never fall victim to theft. So, if the worst does happen it’s imperative that you have a robust construction insurance policy in place to protect you and your assets. With adequate cover, you’ll at least know that you should be able to replace any tools or materials that are stolen.

Train your employees

It’s crucial that all workers understand the security protocols that are expected of them. Whether that relates to packing equipment and materials away safely, locking up the site or leaving it properly lit, they should receive regular training as to how this needs to be done. An environment of accountability should be encouraged so that all employees are ready and willing to flag up any potential security concerns before they arise.

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