Rudimentary Steps in Developing a Simple yet Stunning Fuel Delivery App

Fuel Delivery App

Fuel Delivery app work is quite simple and straightforward. As fuel remains to be one of the biggest factors of uncertainty when it comes to driving vehicles with internal combustion engines. Unforeseen need for fuel is not just confined to long drives where you might not find gas stations. There might be traffic jams that drain out your gasoline that might be a cause of panic.

Outside the territory of sudden fuel needs, even regular fuel needs can be met by having fuel delivered to your home. Fuel delivery comes with its own set of advantages that we will discuss later.

How Does Fuel Delivery App Work? 

The way in which fuel delivery applications work is quite simple and straightforward. Using an application, the user who wants fuel can place the order. The order can be placed based on multiple parameters like quality and quantity. The GPS on the mobile phone of the user takes care to point the exact location at which the fuel needs to be delivered. The delivery executive will get the fuel and have it delivered to the location of the user. Based on the quantity of order, the delivery vehicle and mechanism can change. Once the fuel is delivered, the user can make a payment through digital means or physical cash.

What Makes The Process Complex? 

Although the basic structure of the delivery mechanism sounds simple, there is a lot of extra effort and meticulousness that goes into delivering fuel.

The Regulations For Transporting A Flammable Material – It is to be understood that is fuel is a flammable material and in most countries, it is covered under the legal requirements of explosive materials mechanism. Hence it has to comply with a mandated extent of safety including but not limited to having fire extinguishers and warning mechanisms. 

Fleet-Building – Given the fact that not every vehicle can be used for transporting fuel, it is not that easy to build a fleet of vehicles that can affect the delivery. It is not only about the cost involved but also recruiting the right and proficient people to drive these vehicles to the exact location.

The Infrastructure & Analytics To Manage Multiple Vital Parameters – A simple transportation solution like a cab does not have to consider a lot of parameters. All that the cab driver needs to know is the location of the user. However, when it comes to transporting fuel, there are a lot of additional parameters related to safety that need to be considered. The parameters include the pressure of the tires, the temperature of the fuel tank, the possibility of leakages and a lot more. All these bits of data can be monitored by using IoT devices. Looking at the largest in terms of both volume and benefits, this data can be useful in generating intelligence out of analytics.

Developing A Software Solution – The culmination of all the above factors lies in developing a robust software solution that will handle all aspects of fuel delivery. The software needs to comply with the best practices in development and at the same time, needs to be intuitive and easy to use.

Elevating Your App’s Appeal 

There are quite a few applications that perform the service of fuel delivery. Go-Jek, Indonesia’s poster-boy for its entrepreneurial endeavours, has partnered with Pertamina and launched GoPertamina, a fuel delivery service app.

For your app to stand distinct from the competition, you will need to have incorporated a few features that will elevate the appeal of your app in the market.

Assuring Excellence in Technology & Usability

The world of mobile applications is quite fast and constantly changing. The technology that you choose for developing your mobile app should be versatile and should stand the test of time. In addition to that, it has to be assured that the app does not choke the performance of your mobile device in terms of its memory size and the RAM it demands. Also, you will need to garnish your mobile app with the right user interface and user experience. After all, this is what matters to an end-user – your fuel delivery application should be attractive, simple and intuitive!

Making the App Available For All Platforms

There was a time when launching an app for a particular platform was considered a great marketing strategy. We have seen applications like Instagram and Prisma capitalize on this fad by launching it first for IOS and then making it available on Android. However, today, the strategy might not work. Your app needs to be available for all major mobile operating systems. In addition to that, your app should also have an option that people can use to place requests. The user interface should be designed in such a way that your app adapts to the screen sizes of Ipads and other tablets.


The strength of on-demand application lies in capitalizing on location data. Your app should be able to deliver fuel at the exact location. Using a combination of GPS, mapping and navigation will surely help in getting the fuel delivered to the perfect location.

Give A Choice Of Fuels – in Quality, Quantity & Time

There are different types of fuels available – high-octane, unleaded and a lot more. Users should be given a choice to choose the kind of fuel they want. The quantity might also differ from vehicle to vehicle. The quantity will also help in estimating the cost of delivery. 

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Versatile Payment Methods

Today, there are a lot of payment options, including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, e-wallets, UPI, and cash. Your application should support all these payment methods. The greater the spectrum of payment instruments that your app supports, the greater is your possibility of success.

Enhanced Marketability With Push-Notifications & Industry Updates

It is not just enough to create an application but it is equally important to market it as well. Your app should have all the features that are congenial for marketing. There can be push notifications that update users on offers and also help the user stay informed about the progress of their orders. 

Building An App For Fuel-Delivery

We just saw how different a normal app is from a fuel delivery app. Therefore, it is important for you to consider a lot of factors when creating a fuel delivery application. Alternatively, you can also consider adopting clones of fuel delivery applications. These white label solutions will not cost you a lot and more than that they will save you a lot of time. Time is of vital importance when it comes to on-demand applications!


As much as it is about technology, it is also about the development partner. You will need to choose the right development company that will understand all the integrates of fuel delivery app development. Even if you were to consider white label solutions, it is important for you to have a development partner company that will understand the nuances of the application and how it is quite different from all the other on-demand solutions

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