The 8 best video editing software for creating super videos

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video editing software: Video is one of the most buzzing words on the internet. Almost 86% of businesses are creating video content to attract business. Engaging video content helps organizations in attracting visitors, building trust, and generating sales. Due to its high demand, there are various organizations offering excellent explainer video services at affordable prices. 

Well! If you’re reading this article, chances are you know the benefits of creating appealing videos and incorporating it into your marketing strategy. And now, you are planning to create one for yourself.  

But are you wondering how to create one? No worries! That’s where video editing software comes into play.

The good news! The following are some best solutions that can help you create fascinating and magic videos that will allow you to meet your business standards. 

Top 8 video editing software for businesses 

Let’s roll…


It is one of the free video creation software used by macOS, iOS, and Apple users. It is one of the top rating software offering excellent features that allows users to create videos without putting much effort. 

It’s drag and drop interface, multimedia editing, 360-degree video editing, motion tracking, etc. are some of its features that allows you to create amazing trailers in 4K resolutions. One of the best features is that you can edit the video without any hassle. 


Blender is another free open source software that is not just a video software but a full-blown 3D animation suite. This software is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows users. This editor allows you to perform various actions such as splicing, video cuts, video masking, etc. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you can use this flexible tool easily. 

By using Blender, you can create the most advanced projects that include 3D animation. It’s a fully customizable user interface, extensive modeling toolset, a large library of visual effects, etc. will help you create truly professional-quality videos without any watermark. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Another top video editing software that is commonly chosen by the people in Adobe premiere pro. Professionals use this tool for both post-production and video editing. This software is full of advanced tools that make the video creation process effective and smooth. 

By using this software, you can produce films, web series, TV series, videos, etc. This non-linear editing tool is not only used for its creative features but also saves a lot of time. Its seamless integration also inspires the people to add this software to a bucket list. To get its additional features, you can also use its paid version that starts at $20.99/month. 


Lightwork is a powerful video editing software that is well known for its advanced features. It is a tool that was used to edit award-winning films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, etc. and can be downloaded for free.

Due to its intuitive and simple interface, it becomes easy to launch the projects. Well! Its free version is more than enough, but if you want to avail its additional version, then it’s paid version starts at $25 per month. 

From this tool, you can directly export the video to 720p, which can be easily published on Youtube. Moreover, it also supports various features that further allow you to trim the video with high precision. 

Final CutPro X

Final CutPro X is another application that provides excellent functionalities both for beginners and professionals. It allows you to edit the videos with minimal efforts, import and export the video in any format, and unleash creativity by using Hollywood effects. It provides 800+, stunning effects that further inspire you to be more creative. 

It’s easy to use interface, 360-degree footage, multi-camera options, quality 3D effects, huge music library, etc. inspires the users to choose this good editing tool. Furthermore, it also allows you to share video in any way you want. 


Are you looking for a browser-based video creation tool? If yes, then you can add Moovly to your list. It offers both free and pro versions, which start at $24.92 per month. 

If you don’t have much experience in video creation or editing, then don’t worry because it provides 100s of pre-built templates that can be customized using a drag and drop editor. Its royalty-free media allows you to give your amazing video music and give it a professional look. 

With the help of this software, you can create different types of videos, such as explainer videos, whiteboard animation, youtube Intros, presentations, and animated videos. All the videos you create in this software can easily be exported to the Moovly public library. But if you are a pro user of this software, then you can directly share the videos on Facebook and Youtube. 


It is another video editing software that is commonly used for windows, Linux, and max users. It is an entirely open-source tool that is easy to access. When you use its drag and drop interface, then it will remind the mac users of iMovie software. But when it comes to the features, Openshot contains more features than iMovie, including audio mixing and unlimited layers. Also, it allows real-time previews while creating a transition between the clips. 

Built-in audio editing features, powerful keyframe animation, desktop integration, etc. are some of its main features that easily allow beginners to use this software and produce overwhelming videos. So, if you are looking for all such features for free, then OpenShotis for you.   


Last but not least, VSDC. It is a non-linear editing software that is both light and professional. One of the decent options to create videos as it offers both free and paid versions. It is a desktop software offering excellent features such as color-correction tools, 3D diagram templates, video stabilization, crystal clear movie with 4K resolution. 

The best part about this software is that its video editor review will help you understand whether the software is amazing or not. But only window users can avail of its benefits. Furthermore, if you want to avail the paid version features, it will cost you around $19.99 per month. 

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The Last Say 

Indeed, video is the future of marketing. If you put effort into creating videos, then you can easily catch the visitor’s eyeballs and make your business a success.

Now that you have a list of the best video editing software, you can easily build excellent videos that stand out from the crowd without putting much effort and time. 

Are you excited about creating one? Go ahead. 

Moreover, if you are still confused about making the right decision or having any second thought, feel free to share it in the comments below. 

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