The Spotify Industry- an overview

Spotify Industry

The Industry of music streaming has changed since the introduction of Spotify as an app. Spotify Industry in Onaway made listening to music a very easy job. No more do you now need to go to pirated websites and download music or keep your phone on at all times to listen to music on YouTube, Spotify is now the solution to all your problems.

Now being a Spotify artist can be a different task altogether. Once you are an artist, you have to keep track of who is listening to your song and from where and how many streams you are getting, along with the number of listeners and followers that you have on your Spotify account. Being an artist, it is not always easy to get a huge fan following overnight and become viral, which is why you have the option to buy Spotify followers, listeners and plays on your songs which will help your account grow at a faster and better rate.

Ways to be known on Spotify as an Artist

Have you just become an artist on Spotify? Here are a few things that you should remember.

  • Releasing your Music – When it comes to releasing your music there are a few things that you should consider. One of the most basic factors can be the quality of your song. The better the quality of your song, the more people will want to listen to it. Followed by that, your album art makes a huge difference. Make sure that your album art connects and relates with the song title. Followed by this, you can also pitch your song to Spotify if you want to get featured on editorial playlists. Submitting your song one week before its release is considered to be the ideal time to pitch your song to Spotify. You also have the option to share your song among your followers and friends and asking them to “pre-save” your song which can help your song be on the radar for Spotify playlist curators.
  • Your Marketing Strategy – Now come to your marketing strategy. Considered to be the most important aspect when it comes to releasing your music on Spotify, you would want the entire world to listen to your music. For that you will have to promote your song without making any compromises. This includes sharing your song as much as possible on social media and sending your song to music bloggers in the hopes of getting featured on one of daily music articles and of course, not to forget being featured in Spotify playlists. 
  • The Importance of followers on Spotify – One of the few things that go unnoticed on Spotify are followers. Artists may have a lot of listeners but what also matters is the number of followers they have which can help in their artist recognition and promotion. Through websites like SpotifyStorm, artists now have the option to buy spotify followers and streams which can help their account to get more exposure. Via online transaction, you can get the desired amount of followers to your account at the earliest.

Final Words

Thus, these factors can help you reach a significant growth in your Spotify account and be discovered by newer audiences.

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