Top 3 Reasons Why PDFBear is A Very Convenient PDF to JPG File Converter


PDF to JPG converter: It’s the weekend, and your phone keeps ringing. An emergency! Your boss sends you a file, and he needs you to check it right away. It is somewhat important, you got on your laptop and tried opening the file. It is in PDF, and you need to edit some stuff in the file, but you don’t know how to. What are the odds?

You search and search for a file converter, but you’re a little skeptical about the sites you saw. Well, we got it for you. It is the most convenient file converter you’ll ever know. PDFBear, what’s that? It’s only the best online PDF tool that will satisfy and provide your PDF needs. Oh, yes. You heard it, it is the most convenient PDF converter, and here are the top 3 reasons.

All Access

So you are now trying to convert your PDF file to JPG in your MacBook. No need to worry, one of the reasons why PDFBear is the most convenient PDF converter is because it gives you all access in any platform available, whether if it is Windows or Linux Machine. You can still convert PDF to JPG, and it’s not even that hard.

PDFBear can still convert your PDF file even if it is in your cloud storage or hard drive, drag and drop the file in PDFBear, and voila, your file was converted. Just that simple, having a ready converted file that can be easily accessed in any device is a significant advantage already.

PDF to JPG: Speed

In a rush, and converting your file takes forever? PDFBear assures you that all files are ready in a matter of seconds. You can also easily choose any PDF file and convert it to JPG format, and it won’t take too long for it to convert. Do you know that it could also convert multiple files at a time? Yes, you heard it right. It’s not only fast, but it’s also hassle-free.

Even uploading a PDF file to PDFBear for you to convert, it is still fast. No need to be cranky about it, already done. When it comes to downloading the converted file, it mostly depends on your internet speed. If you got the fastest internet in your area, then downloading the file won’t be time-consuming.

Privacy and Security

Of course, making sure that what you upload inside a website is secured is very important. You will always have doubts before uploading files to an unfamiliar website, especially when it is your first time using it. Who wouldn’t be? You always make sure that the file won’t get corrupted or even get stolen, or easily accessed by someone.

They always consider the privacy of the owners of the files. PDFBear also provides passwords for your files so that no one can easily access it without giving the correct password. Now isn’t that awesome, and you don’t have to worry about your file to get sabotaged by your nosy co-workers.

PDFBear also protects and secures all the files that are being uploaded to their website. It is also in their system that after you uploaded a file and then converted it, the original file will only stay in their system for an hour, and it will be permanently removed after that. This makes PDFBear more convenient than ever.


Office situations are not only the reasons why you can use PDFBear to convert files. There are still tons of other cases, but we won’t be talking about it. PDFBear is a very convenient PDF to JPG file converter, we guarantee you. There is no need to be smarty pants to learn how to use it, it’s simple and hassle-free, and you still have extra time for a coffee break.

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