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Mi Drop

Mi Drop is your fastest and most secure way to talk about your own files. Whether or not you would like to send a private contract, then over 100 holiday photos or some multi-gigabyte video, subsequently Mi Drop could be your service which matches your preferences to your ideal data transport.

Reap the Benefits of the numerous Benefits When sending huge files and ship the computer data with Mi Drop.

Share at light fast speed

Immediately send your documents through an Email or link without needing your upload to finish. You recipients are going to have the ability to get into the files once they finish uploading in your ending, in real-time.

Manage your document transfers

Have you sent a sizable file Move with sensitive data to the wrong man or woman? Do not fear! Using Mi Drop you’re able to delete your computer data transport. You’re in charge.

Safe online information transport

Mi Drop for PC is using End-to-end encryption to secure your moved files. Just recipients who understand the password may open your move. The document transfer is encrypted in your own pc, therefore no unencrypted data is sent to us.

Speedy File-sharing

Mi Drop uses technology to create your File sharing as quickly as feasible. Transfers happen to be compacted in your own personal computer to cut back the number of data to be routed. Our servers are all found all round the planet to supply you with all the cheapest download and upload rate.

Track your document transfers

Together with Mi Drop you’d not wonder if somebody already downloaded your files that are sent. We’ll allow you to know if someone of one’s recipients down load your files that are transferred.

Send documents at No Cost

Mi Drop is also can remain free to make use of. And so that the Basic attributes (Document transfers around 5GB) is likely to soon be liberated forever! Additionally take a look at our Plans & prices for sending files that are bigger. Start with it now!

Send documents up to 100GB

Your document transport may be Upto 100GB in size with as much files as you desire. Would you like to talk to your household a 2 3 GB folder with all the 1,247 videos and photos of your previous trip? Not a problem!

Simple file transport

Mi Drop for PC has amazing attributes, but the best attribute is probably that sending files is really easy that anybody may utilize it. Simply put in your own files, define the receivers and you are all set. You don’t have to zip yourself, because we shall do it to you. Should you desire to utilize extra functionality it has never greater than just a couple clicks off?

Transfer history

Mi Drop keeps tabs on your document transfers, in order to won’t have to. Each of your data transports are all displayed in a convenient period, and that means that you may immediately determine that document transports you received and you have delivered.

Thumbnails of shared documents

We create thumbnails of Most your pictures & many pictures, which means that you do not need to fight with hard-to-remember document names. Additionally the mails which we mailed to your receivers contain the thumbnails of those files that are sent, which means they know exactly what to count on.

Sharing of documents has been done that you get a backup. When you strike, it can’t be achieved together with your PC. There are many programs that can be just pertinent to be moved from the same apparatus. Mi Drop isn’t similar to this, as this program could be linked to almost any Apparatus.

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