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HappyMod is a brand new style of Android app store, containing a huge selection of games and apps. What’s so special about this? Every game or app in HappyMod is modified in some way, many with premium features for free. When you install the games, you can get paid features free, in-game features, and purchases unlocked and even free premium subscriptions. Read on for all the details.

HappyMod Features

HappyMod offers users a whole host of features, including:

  • HappyMod is the largest store of its kind offering cracked and modified apps, providing premium features for free.
  • if you try an app and it isn’t compatible with your Android version, you have the opportunity to download an older version that may have better compatibility
  • download modified versions of the most popular, trending games and apps
  • HappyMod has a user-friendly UL, very similar to the official Android app store
  • you can see the parameters or added features of all apps and games, so you know what you are getting.

How to Download HappyMod on Android:

This can only be done by installing the APK file onto your device:

  1. Open your Settings and go to Security
  2. Enable Unknown Sources
  3. Now download the HappyMod APK onto your device
  4. Find the file in your Downloads and tap it to install it
  5. The HappyMod icon will install on your home screen.

What is the Difference Between HappyMod and the Official PlayStore?

At first glance, they look similar, but the official and the unofficial app stores do have some differences:

HappyMod                                                                             PlayStore

Offers cracked and modified apps and games                      All apps and games are official and unmodified

Everything is free to use                                                        Some apps are not free and offer in-app purchases too

All game and app features are unlocked and free. You must earn or purchase coins, gems, powerups, etc.

What About Using HappyMod on PC?

This is possible by way of an Android emulator, such as Nox or BlueStacks.

How HappyMod Works

In one respect, HappyMod works in much the same way as the PlayStore by offering apps and games for download. Where it differs is that HappyMod apps and games are all free, and they are all modified versions. That means the apps and games work in a different way, with different features and unlocked in-app features.

Here’s how HappyMod works:

  • when you play official games, like Subway Surfers or Clash of Clans, for example, you either have to earn or purchase the in-app powerups, gold, elixir, and so on. When you download the modified version, you get all of that for free. The app UI similar to that of the PlayStore, so it is easy to navigate, and helpful categories let you easily find what you are looking for, including the latest additions.
  • each app has a changelog with it, showing the new game parameters. At glance, you can see exactly what features have been added to the cracked and modified apps and games and can decide whether you want to download it or not. Plus, you get to choose between different versions of the apps and games, choosing the one that suits you or downloading all versions to your device.


This is just to remind you that HappyMod is a pirate app store, and, as such, we must ask that you use it responsibly.

Updating HappyMod

All apps need to be updated at some time or another, if not for fixing bugs and enhancing your security, then for bringing improvements and new content. There is no exception to this, and getting the updates is pretty easy. Like you get updates for apps through the PlayStore, you get updates for the apps in HappyMod, and you can follow the instructions in the update notifications you will be sent. Alternatively, just check in the store for updates and install any that appear.

In terms of the HappyMod APK itself, new versions are released on occasion but, unlike the official PlayStore, you do NOT have to install them – it’s up to you which version of the store you use. And, in the store you will find a section titled NEW – there you can find the latest apps added to the store and any available updates.

Why is HappyMod So Different?

Because it is a community-driven app, anyone can upload a mod to the app, and all users are invited to test them and comment on which ones work and which don’t. The developers move the best-scored mods to the top of the list, so you know you are getting a fully working app or game.

Try HappyMod today – it’s the new Android app store, and it is here to stay.

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