How to Find Best VPN for Your Device

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A VPN provides you with online privacy and anonymity by enabling a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs are commonly used for torrenting, bypassing censorship, breaking geographical restrictions and shifting locations. VPNs serve multiple purposes and are currently in high demand. Consumers can choose from the scores of different VPN providers out there and making the right choice is essential, given the important role a VPN plays in your online privacy and security.

To select an ideal VPN server, it is important to examine your internet security requirements. Understanding and prioritizing your needs can help you make the best choice. Consider the following advantages offered by a VPN connection:

Geo-shift your location

This feature enables you to appear as if you are in another country and access the content exclusively available in that region. It is one of the most common reasons people make use of a VPN. In order to make most of this advantage, you will need a VPN connection with servers in the geographic region in which you intend to access the content — for example, if you wish to stream American television you will need a VPN with servers in the United States.

Securing access to your home network

Only a VPN server that is running on your home device or an attached router can help you secure access to your home network and all devices connected to it. Running the server at the router level can enhance security and reduce power consumption. In order to enable this, you can either flash your router to DD-WRT or buy a router that has a built-in VPN server. 

Securing casual browsing

Even when casually browsing using a Wi-Fi or hotspot network at a cafe, shopping centre or hotel, the security of your connection can come under threat. In situations where you have no idea if the network you are using is safe, it is best to have a VPN server connected to your device. The server will prevent any glitches in the connection that can lead to data breaches.

Choosing your VPN provider

There are several elements to take into consideration when selecting a VPN provider including budget, security and special features. Consider the following factors when researching your VPN options:

The protocols they support

Since not all protocols are equal, it is important to choose the most productive and efficient option. OpenVPN is undoubtedly the ideal choice for a server that enables you to achieve high levels of security with low processing overheads. Mobile devices like Android and iOS can also use L2TP/IPsec instead of OpenVPN since they currently do not support the OpenVPN configuration.

The number of servers and their location

It is best to go with a server that has a diverse stable of nodes in different countries. With the advent and popularity of using servers, the task of finding a server with multiple nodes and locations will not be a difficult one. It is also recommended to check where the company is based.

The payment methods they offer

Most of the free VPN providers cannot guarantee you fool-proof security online. Therefore, it is always advised to subscribe to a paid VPN provider. If you are looking for VPNs that avoid legal persecution or if you wish to remain strictly anonymous, the right payment method for you would be through sources such as cryptocurrency or gift cards. Many servers accept gift cards from authorized retailers, and you can redeem these cards for VPN credit. This method is an alternative to using personal credit cards which might expose your data and information.

VPN recommendations

Norton Secure is a one-stop solution to your privacy and security concerns in the online world. It is one of the most acclaimed VPN Australia services for its quality and security. The server helps secure important private information like passwords, bank details and credit card numbers and can be installed on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. In addition to protecting your privacy while connecting to public networks, Norton also offers a deluxe scheme that protects your device from external viruses, malware and other online threats. Norton VPN comes at affordable prices and provides a money back guarantee.

In short, figuring out why you require a VPN and what features work best for you will help you choose the right server. Using a suitable server is extremely important to keep prying third parties at bay and for a safe online experience.

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