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You can quickly increase the number of footfalls to your site if you can successfully drive the social followers towards it. Yes, there are proven ways in which you can do that. There are several businesses that have been there and done that with success. They publish their content in such a way that it builds their audiences and, as a result, increase the traffic to their websites.

However, simply creating good content may not provide you with the results that you expect from each piece of content you create. You will need to exceptional in creating such content in order to ensure that. This means that if you are really serious about your content, then you must also be serious about driving as much traffic as possible by making the best use of your social followers.

One hugely productive way to do this is to share your content on different social media platforms more than once. You may not see a significant rise in shares in the second time, but when you continue to do so, the number of shares for the number of times you share will usually double.

Content is king

To the social media traffic, content is everything. That means, if you want to get and rive more social traffic to your site, you will need to focus on the content you post and makes sure that your content is exceptional and absolute top-class for your specific social audience. For this you will need to:

  • Research on your audience
  • Forego blatant and constant promotion
  • Post mostly helpful content and
  • Be casually promotional.

This means that you will have to make sure that your content is low on the sales pitch and high on usefulness for the audience. Make sure that your content solves the problems of the people, which is what they look for on the social media platforms.

Social Followers: Strategies to increase social media traffic

There are a few specific strategies to follow when you want to increase the social or Instagram followers and traffic to your site.

Make sure that whenever you post any content, it contains a few specific elements in it, such as:

  • A heading
  • A link and
  • Lots of relevant hashtags.

Also, make sure that you share it across all social media networks. This will ensure that your posts reach a larger section of the audience. Posting multiple times will also increase its reach because the presence of your target audience on the social media platforms at the time of posting may vary and limited.

Since hashtags are on almost all major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, using it wisely will also ensure a greater reach.

  • It will help you a lot to research what people are discussing about your brand and products.
  • It will, apart from that, will also ensure that your content is found easily by the interested parties.

Make sure that you join relevant social network communities and groups, especially those that are less known, to bring more people together in one place that shares the same idea or interest.

Look for referral traffic

You will be better off when you look for more referral traffic rather than wasting time persuading other sites to link back to you. This is also a very tedious process apart from the time-consuming factor. Therefore, instead of creating content that will beg people to link back, you should find out those specific types of links that will send a lot of referral traffic to your site.

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In order to get better results, you can also try out:

  • Linking internally by building a better internal linking structure
  • Interview seve4ral different thought leaders of the industry
  • Integrate email marketing and
  • Create a more responsive site to tap mobile users.

Also, focus on implementing schema microdata. Though this will not increase traffic to your site all by itself, it will surely make it easier for the search engine bots to find your website and index your pages. You will also get another benefit of using schema for SEO. It will help you to find better and richer site snippets, which will inevitably improve the click-through rates.

Create viral content

You will surely and automatically get a lot of traffic from the social media channels to your site if you create content that goes viral on social media. One such content is the memes.

Memes today are most welcome as it adds humor in the content but still be meaningful enough for the users. You can create some funny videos, images, or GIFs, along with funny captions and secure messages.

It is very easy to incorporate these memes to your product or brand, but make sure that you use it for mere publicity and fun. Do not use any sensitive issues that may stir controversy and negatively affect your brand identity.

Always think of using something that will appeal to the human eyes and senses. You can include several other things that will ensure more indulgence, such as:

  • Videos, vibrant colors and effects to appeal to the sight and
  • Upbeat music to appeal to the hearing.

Create visual content that will get you more likes and shares. Make sure that the visuals speak about you, your brand, as well as your products in volumes.

Create your ad

There is nothing better than an ad to drive more traffic and attract people’s eyes. In most of the cases, these traffic campaign ads appear within the news feeds and not in an ad space. This not only makes them more visible but also makes the ads feel more organic. It will encourage the users to like it and share it with their friends.

Therefore, consider this while creating your ad so that people are encouraged to click on it. Make sure that it does not ‘feel’ like an ad. Instead, make it your content. It is for this reason people visit social media.

Since traffic is valuable, it is worth that you play the long-game to gain a large number of it.

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