The estimated worth of Airbnb is $38Billions in 2019. Do you want to replicate its success with Airbnb Clone?


Airbnb : Are you struggling to FEEL cash-rich during this worldwide COVID-19 lockdown? You might have been trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible in your schedule as well with business! It still feels new and awkward and you might be struggling with steady earnings.

Is there any trusted online business for Entrepreneurs in 2020?

Shed off all the stress as we have brought you a great online business idea. A Vacation Rental Platform can be your source to see yourself rolling in money. At that, an advanced duplication of Airbnb— AirbnbClone can make you in a clover of cash, whilelying safely at home.

What is the earning potential of the Airbnb Clone App developed by Ibiixo?

You might be wondering how does Airbnb works to generate wealth. There is no denial in the fact that wealth generated by the global digital app industry has skyrocketed. Not only is this practicable, but repeatable, ascendable, and extremely profitable.

Thus, if the cloned app is as outstanding & as elite as the original one, you are sure to surpass the success of many leading Vacation Rental Platform. It can also challenge the top-drawer Airbnb Revenue Model. Moreover, if your hired Company has executed great work in the marketing of the script, then you get more download, more ads, more leads, thus more money.

How does Airbnb works to generate huge revenue?

Home Rental Booking

The Airbnb Revenue Model Statistics is a stunner in its own realm. The rental company recorded 91 million nights only within the 1st quarter of 2019. Airbnb grossed in Yearly revenue of $38Billions in 2019, 34% hike from $3.6 billion of 2018. TheVacation Rental Platform grossed in a total booking value of $9.4 billion in first quarter2109.

Tax Revenue

With contracts subscribed with local and national governments to automate the collection of tourism taxes. As of 2020, Airbnb amassed a collection of over $2 billion alone with tourism-related taxes through 400 agreements.

User Engagement Revenu

Users are recorded to spend an average of 12minutes on the Airbnb Vacation Rental Platform. Millennials accounted for 58% of hosts and booking guests worldwide as of 2018. Thus, adding to the increased business economy through participating share economy.

Host income and Guest Spending

Airbnb indicated a powerful Global Economic Impact through its host income and estimated guest spending. The estimated income as of 2019 accounted for a colossal $33.8 billion in the United States. While France raking in $11 billion, Spain: $7.01 billion, Italy $6.4 billion, UK $5.5 billion, Canada $4.3 billion.

Guest Arrivals

As of 2016-2019, the Airbnb platform recorded a started increase of guest arrivals destinations staying aloof. Eastern European country Moldova resulted in an increase of 190% while New Caledonia of 175%) in guest visits.

How ibiixo build a unique Vacation Rental Platform?

By gathering the feedback of target audience audiences and considering business goals, ibiixo design Custom Ready-to-go Airbnb clone using extremely-advanced platforms.

Experts at Ibiixo possess years of incredible experience in Airbnb clone development. Their app is best known to boost businesses in no time, Additionally, it offers to build a site with reliable, functioning & better ROI at unbeatably modest cost.

Their testimonies indicate to not only launch their own business in a clickbut taking along the pleasure of Airbnb Revenue Model.

What’s unique about ibiixo Airbnb clone development?

Remarkable Ready-to-go And Customize Airbnb Clone App

With ibiixo’s custom Ready-to-gosolutions, you will possess all the rights to use your app by permeating your brand vision and logo. This is the easiest yet mightiest manner to enter and shine out in the market in no time. And the best part, you can a powerful Airbnb Clone App completely customized, cost-effective, and in coordination to business objectives.

Instant Profit-making Venture for budding entrepreneurs

The best part of having an Airbnb Clone from ibiixo technologies is— to get a powerful platform that’s completely customized, cost-effective, and in coordination to business objectives.

The existence of instant booking options, personalized messaging, featured fees, membership plans, and other tailored enhancements are some remarkable illustrations of how Ibiixo’s Airbnb clone will fit your target audience and goals.

Who can help build the most powerful AirbnbClone App?

Trusted by millions of entrepreneurs to launch their business online, ibiixo is evolving to be the first-rate choice. The service provider has supported a large number of startups & living homes with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Changing Trends

With ultra-opulent Hotels such as Marriot adding home-rental to their portfolios, Airbnb clone models have resulted in replacing a traditional hotel stay.

The hotel sector recorded losses of about $450 million in direct revenues annually to Airbnb. People, particularly in the USA, prefer rental homes,being cheaper up to 20% than the regional hotel’s price.

That said, you hardly may have words to describe your gratitude this year — for your life in the pandemic outbreak. But definitely there are many reasons ahead of you where you will embrace the things you prayed for. The best is yet to come.

Getting developed a phenomenal, user-friendly Vacation Rental Platform, from the pre-eminent ibiixo technologies can leave you humbled with gratitude. Their developed app is sure to amplify the efficiency and earning of your rental business just like Airbnb Revenue Model.

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