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Deep is a Vice President of business development at Ibiixo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. And also a professional technical blogger, guest writer, and an excellent startup advisor. He loves to invent new powerful ways to communicate and open keys to developing a business of Ibiixo that leads to huge success. In Ibiixo, he deals with the huge clientele in more than 40 countries which enriches him with stalwart interaction expertise. He is capable of dealing in various niche markets. It includes Travel & Tourism, Service Sectors, Real Estate, Insurance, E-commerce, Social Networking, Jobs and Career, Education, etc. He assists you in getting functional solutions like Thumbtack Clone, Social Networking Platform, Online Taxi Booking, Real Estate, Airbnb Clone, Educational, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Uber for X, etc.

The estimated worth of Airbnb is $38Billions in 2019. Do you want to replicate its success with Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb : Are you struggling to FEEL cash-rich during this worldwide COVID-19 lockdown? You might have been trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible in your schedule as well with business! It still feels new and awkward and you might be struggling with steady earnings. Is there any trusted online business for Entrepreneurs in […]

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