6 Ways To Build A Good WooCommerce Product Page

WooCommerce product page

Like it or not, e-commerce is the future. And whether you’re a local business, growing fashion label, or wholesaler, getting set up with a WooCommerce product page that drives traffic through your site is essential for your bottom line. 

Creating the perfect WooCommerce product page can be daunting, especially if you’re new to e-commerce. However, you should not ignore the importance of installing the right plugins. Our top recommendations are WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export.

Here we discuss 6 ways to create a successful product page that won’t just look good but will also drive serious traffic and sales. 

Why your product page is so essential 

No matter how elaborate and persuasive your marketing campaign is – ultimately, it’s your product page that has the last say in whether someone actually takes out their credit card. 

You can put all the money you want into an email send-out or Instagram promotion, just to have people drop off at the last second because your product page isn’t up to scratch. 

This can mean a drastic drop in sales. And no one wants that. 

1. Provide detailed product descriptions

These days, flicking between tabs and comparing product information is ten times easier than walking around the city and speaking to ten different retail managers about a given product. Online shoppers are bound to do their research before they pay up. Give them all the information they need, while also letting them know why yours is better. Be sure to include:

  • Clear and specific information about your product 
  • Size guides, dimensions, variations and colours
  • Product reviews and testimonials 

2. Get your product images up to scratch 

Never underestimate the importance of your main product image. It’s arguably the most powerful selling tool on your WooCommerce product page. In lieu of providing an actual in-person buying experience – it’s the product image that gives your potential customer the best idea of what they’re buying.

Providing high definition product images is therefore essential. Don’t forget these tips as well:

  • Ensure your images are clean, simple and don’t include anything your customer won’t receive 
  • Provide a zoom function. This will allow people to effectively see the details of your product 
  • Include multiple photos displaying different aspects, angles, or closeups
  • Ensure your images are consistent across your entire site, this adds brand credibility

3. Get your SEO in order 

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO requirements are often overlooked in the creation of e-commerce sites. SEO is vital to the success of your WooCommerce product page and your landing page in general.

Optimising your SEO achieves two key goals:

  1. Drives organic traffic to your site
  2. Ensures customers find exactly what they’re searching for 

Using traffic keywords will help direct your audience to your by filtering out other irrelevant search engine results. Having a targeted SEO strategy can also deliver results for your e-commerce page by providing optimised product descriptions that help buyers know why your product is better. 

If you’re after a targeted SEO strategy – get expert help with a web design agency specialising in SEO today. 

4. Decrease cart abandonment 

The last thing you want is people abandoning their shopping cart, and spending their money elsewhere. It’s a common problem that plagues many e-commerce sites, but can be remedied by following some of these helpful tips below:

  • Kill any last-minute added costs. These are a real turn-off and will boot any fence-sitters off your site. A common example is shipping costs added late in the buying process.
  • Ensure a diverse range of payment options – the more the better. 
  • Avoid complicated or long checkout processes – no one wants to spend minutes clicking through before paying. Keep it snappy.
  • Ensure brand credibility by including logos and brand colours in the right places. You want your customers to feel confident when buying.

5. Adjust for mobile and tablet views

Phones and tablets are fast overtaking computers and desktop users. Adjusting for this shift can drastically improve your chances of grabbing customers who may be on the move or who may not have access to a  laptop or desktop computer. Ensuring an easy and compatible tablet and mobile view also allows you to tap into a broader range of customers whose buying habits may be harder to pin down. Adjust your text size and display settings, and make sure you navigate through your entire site to double-check it all works on your mobile device. 

6. Hire a professional to drive conversions

Optimising your WooCommerce product page can deliver results fast. But putting together a comprehensive strategy with all the right elements can be a big job. Getting professional help with your e-commerce business can turn your online presence into a vibrant ecosystem that can quickly turn into a passive income. Your best bet is to turn to the experts who know how to combine all the moving parts to grow your conversion rates and increase brand visibility. 

Final thoughts 

Building a WooCommerce product page that is fully optimised for your target audience, with all the specifications and minimal obstructions to potential buyers is essential for a successful online shop.

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