3 Awesome LinkedIn Alternatives of Professional Networking

linkedin alternatives

Linkedin alternatives: One of the most widely used professional networking sites is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking site used by recruiters as well as individuals to get closer to potential employees and employers. LinkedIn acts as an agent and works as a bridge for the interaction of the potential employees and the employers. Every professional as well as entry level person has an account on LinkedIn which makes it easier for the recruiter to recruit and makes it easier for people to apply according to their needs and wants. 

Although, there are a few backlashes to LinkedIn or linkedin alternatives as well just like any other social networking sites. These backlashes includes the fact that the newsfeed is always full of people and their posts which makes it harder to find appropriate opportunities on LinkedIn. On the other hands, direct messages on LinkedIn are usually just people trying to sell me their products or policies. For instance, a man recently tried to sell me a Black Widow Costume on LinkedIn, from his own little startup. Now, I appreciate entrepreneurs but there are some things that I disagree of which includes filling up someone’s professional accounts messages just to sell something.

Here are a few other professional networking sites which plays the role of LinkedIn but in a better way as linkedin alternatives. Make your accounts on these websites and try to gauge every opportunity that you can. 

1. MeetUp. 

MeetUp is social networking site which helps you to seek or invent local meetups. Any meetup being set is instantly notified to you, if it matches your hobbies and interests, you can join that meetup if feasible for you. If any meetup which is being set up by others are not as per your schedule, you can create a meet up as well and others would be notified with your meet up. The people who can make it, will come to your meet up.

This would give everyone an opportunity to meet people of the same interest and professional experience. People can help each other out in recruitment or employment once they know each other. It is one of the best ways to bring similar minded people together and create new opportunities. 


Xing is somehow similar to LinkedIn. It is a great opportunity for people. You can stay updated with your related field of interest. You can share your ideas and listen to others. You can post jobs and find jobs on Xing. All you have to do it sign up and get the resources. You can also unlock additional features by buying the premium package of Xing. 


Bark creates an amazing opportunity for people who are searching for jobs. Bark connects you to recruiters and organizations which are seeking for employees. Bark would contact to the professionals in your field of interest and pair you to them if both of you have the same needs and requirements. 


Opportunity calls itself a ‘Professional Matchmaker’. Opportunity is a social networking site which would notify you every time someone in the targeted market posts an opportunity of employment. 

Users would be notified and told the specifications and they can decide whether it is their cup of tea or they want to keep on searching for better opportunities. 

5. Jobcase. 

Jobcase has been powering around 100 famous jobs sites all over the world. Jobcase is one of the wealthiest websites when it comes to seeking opportunities. They would see your needs, filter the data and would help you get the currently opened job opportunity suitable for you. 

You can set up a profile on Jobcase and feed in your data like your field of interest and your experience and wait for Jobcase to give you feasible options. 

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