Trending Technologies You Need to Know in 2019

Trending Technologies

New year, new technology. 2019 is about to begin and, with it, users will experience and live in first person the news of a sector so insatiable and fast that, on many occasions, it seems that it does not even give a reasonable time for society to assimilate unceasing changes. But this is technological development: it is better to adapt than to die trying.

Technological trends 2019 according to Gartner.

Attention to these trends, which while reading this, are changing the world.

The autonomy of things.

With the development of artificial intelligence, it is possible to provide autonomy to processes and all kinds of things.

The automation of things is essential to increase productivity and use of resources in companies.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that autonomous vehicles, robots, drones or gadgets with AI continue to be announced this year.

Increased analytics

Businesses should be smarter to take full advantage of their strengths and have the best possible performance. Augmented analytics uses Machine Learning to transform the way analytic content is developed to boost business intelligence.

That is, its objective is to increase the quality of the data to make better business decisions; Augmented analytics is based on the development of metadata and its cataloging.

AI driven development.

This trend is based on the evolution of the tools, technologies and best practices of a company. To achieve this, it integrates artificial intelligence into different applications or processes, depending on the company.

A very interesting aspect of AI-driven development is the development of AI applications to improve different aspects of a company.

Digital twins

A digital twin refers to a digital representation of a real object or system.

Digital asset twins are being used to improve business decision making; Its objective is to understand in the best possible way systems, operations and changes in the environment.

Empowered Edge

A very important trend in 2019, refers to the exponential growth of devices, cloud services and communication systems with capabilities driven by artificial intelligence.

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Immersive experience.

The immersion does not stop giving what to talk about this year, a trend that is being adopted by companies of all branches while reading this.

It serves to improve the experience and interaction of humans with the digital world, through virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

It is also used to promote and improve distance interaction within companies with different locations.


Blockchain Related to the world of cryptocurrencies, this trend seeks to provide companies with a transparent method to improve transactions between companies, users and technologies.

Smart spaces

Intelligent spaces or environments, integrate technologies in specific work areas to improve people’s productivity or work experience; Not only that, they are also being developed to improve the conditions of a city or region.

Digital ethics and privacy.

The data rule in this era but the most important thing is that the person who manages them, be complete and maintain their ethics all the time.

Digital ethics and privacy management are aspects that should not be neglected in the face of the increase in technological advances.

Quantum computing

This technology is still in full development but has the potential to perform millions of calculations at once.

As Gartner explains: “a classic computer reads all the books in a library linearly; a quantum computer reads all the books simultaneously ”.

Can you imagine the impact that this can have a company?

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