How IT Providers Can Help Your Company

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Businesses today thrive as a result of using modern technology. It often is at the crux of the business’ day-to-day operations. Yet, many companies don’t realize how beneficial it can be to make use of an IT providers services. Hiring a solid IT company for your business can go a long way in helping it achieve more than you ever thought possible. Operations will run smoother (with less downtime), staff can focus on other tasks and priorities, and production will naturally increase as a result. This article outlines the services an IT company can provide for your business, as well as the resulting boost your business can achieve from such services.

Common Services IT Providers Offer

General IT Support

For everyday tasks and potential frustrations, most IT companies are on-call so you can resolve issues immediately. They will set up your networks, server systems, and phone systems as well as fix any glitches and mishaps as they arise. They also will communicate for you with external service providers such as an SEO company or online marketing service provider. Having technical nuance on your side is always a positive when it comes to navigating the murky waters of online advertising.

IT talk can feel like it may as well be another language, but your IT team can handle this jargon and ensure you never get the short end of the stick. Additionally, IT consultants will take the time to learn your company’s story, current needs, and future goals. They will help you make IT decisions based on the big picture and planning ahead for the future.

Cyber Security and Defence

Nothing could be more important for your business in the digital age than safeguarding your information. The matter is never to be taken lightly, as doing so could have dire consequences, like losing customer trust and the integrity of your company name, diminishing your sales, paying for lawsuits, and even going bankrupt. 

Your IT provider is comprised of professionals who are thoroughly educated and trained on the subject. If you try to insource when it comes to security, your staff may miss important details or make accidental mistakes. Additionally, they may need to spend a significant amount of time learning what to do rather than using that time to complete tasks they already know how to do.

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Thankfully, an IT consultant’s very job and business is to make sure they are experts on protecting your information from hackers and accidental data loss. They will do their research regularly to keep up with the latest trends in how data may be compromised, and how to ensure yours remains safe. According to a report from McAfee, every minute a new cybersecurity threat is introduced. Therefore, you need a reliable source that is always getting new cybersecurity information and knows how to defend against all types of cyber threats.

Cloud Computing and Data Backup

If your business hasn’t switched over to the cloud yet, it is well worth considering. There is a reason why the market for cloud services is expected to grow by about 17% in 2020. Your IT provider can outline what the benefits are specifically for your business. They will additionally help you choose the best cloud provider based on your needs and the best overall setup.

If you are going to transition from hard drive systems to the cloud, they will assist in the crucial process to ensure that no data is lost and that operations can continue as normal. They can assist staff during the transition as they become comfortable and familiar with the new system, protect data from becoming lost, and step in if any mishaps occur.

Internal Network Setup 

All of your business’ servers, PCs, routers, and cables should be installed properly, else operations may begin to glitch, slow down, or threaten your data’s security. Your IT provider will set up these systems to connect with each other, which includes connecting to employee’s mobile devices. While setting up your network, they will install safety measures (like firewalls) so outsiders cannot have access to it.

Additionally, the setup will have data backup embedded within it as a top priority. When operations are slowed down, they will step in to troubleshoot why this may be the case and promptly get you back up to speed. They can find and fix small issues so they do not escalate in the future. Even when you don’t require immediate assistance like this, they should do regular check-ups as a preventative measure. 

Office Equipment and IT Infrastructure Relocation 

If your business needs to move office due to expansion, moving the IT infrastructure is a crucial, yet formidable task. All equipment must be accounted for so none is lost. Each piece must be kept physically safe and intact during the move. For example, servers are extremely sensitive, as well as very expensive, so you don’t want them in a falling-off-the-back-of-a-truck situation. 

It’s also imperative that data is completely backed up before disconnecting the network.  Likewise, everything must be properly reinstalled in the new location, with all appropriate security measures in place. Your provider will also act as a liaison with third parties so that everything runs smoothly on the day of the move. Although usually worth the effort, a move can already be stressful enough without something going wrong with your IT infrastructure. Let your staff focus on moving everything else. Your IT provider will take care of the most critical aspect of your move for you.

Access to Better Resources

IT companies work with a host of other businesses; therefore, they have the resources and ability to invest in better products, like special cyber security software, that’s significantly more effective than a simple firewall. If your company purchased such technology on its own, the costs would likely be too exorbitant. Also, the IT provider has the know-how about which products are worth investing in, and can update them regularly as technology advances.

As The Muse points out, outsourced consultants provide something quite invaluable to a business: an outside eye. An outside perspective always has something additional to offer, but it is even more beneficial to have the opinions and advice of specialists who have worked with many other companies on the same issues. They have experience with what really works and what doesn’t due to constant exposure to it. They can also anticipate issues that you may not be able to foresee. 

IT Providers Can Help Your Business

To ensure your network and security is set up properly, to transition your move to the cloud or office relocation, and to have continuous on-call support, your business will undoubtedly benefit from outsourcing its IT services.

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