The Beginning of the Game and the Tactics of Combat in Escape From Tarkov for Beginners


Tarkov is a complex and interesting project built on the realism of warfare with elements of a royal battle.

Beginners will have to go through an adaptation period on the project if they have not played similar games before, but Escape from Tarkov will appeal to fans of military affairs, the actions of special forces soldiers and fans of tactics and realism in the mechanics of shooting, movement, damage and recovery after the battle.

Tarkov game screenshot.

An important role in the project is played not only by the ability to survive – which we will talk about later, but also to be able to act verbally and peacefully – for this you need to develop your communication with the factions of merchants and buyers – local NPCs that can provide you with tasks, cash rewards, discounts and good equipment if you are on friendly terms with them and greatly complicate the life of any fighter – increase the price of ammunition and medicines, sell equipment at unprofitable high prices and complicate access to mercenaries.

Money will play just as important a role as interacting and maintaining relationships with the NPC. In fact, this is an interrelated process.

Money will be given out as a reward for the orders of local NPCs, for the sale of equipment obtained in battle. All non-military trinkets can be sold to a nurse and at the same time replenished with medicines from her.

You can always buy EFT roubles in any quantity you need from professional Skycoach players. The service will provide the currency in compliance with all security and anonymity measures to prevent the game administration from interfering in the transaction process and imposing gaming sanctions on the buyer and supplier. Skycoach guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

Tarkov characters

Choice of PMC

In Escape from Tarkov, the conflict unfolds between the United States and Russia for control over the disputed territories, but it is not armies that are fighting among themselves, but private military companies – you need to choose your side in the conflict.

Main differences:

  • Standard equipment – PMC Terra uses equipment of the standard NATO armies. Uniform, weapon accessories, armor set. The Russians use the signature AK, a different type of camouflage.
  • Negotiations – all fighters talk among themselves in their own language. Terra in English, Russians in their own – the game settings do not matter.
  • Combat tips

Combat Tips

To get weapons, equipment, ammunition, medicines and ways to earn money, you will need to go on combat sorties.

You will have to navigate on a physical map and large objects that will help you remember the entrances and exits from the combat zone, which are different for representatives of different PMCs.

Try to remember not only the best places to get everything you need for the battle, but also think over places for camouflage and ambushes so as not to engage in battle in unfavorable conditions, or vice versa – impose your own battle conditions and start the battle with an advantage – the enemy has yet to detect you, to start a fightback.

Shoot in single cartridges at the targets at long and medium -distance – it makes no sense to plant a bunch of cartridges at the target, which is far from you, you will attract a lot of attention, and bullets will fly anywhere, but not at the target.

Use shooting in bursts if the enemy came close enough. This type of fire allows you to apply the slaughter of three shots at the target and the enemy’s chances to survive to minimize, you also effectively consume cartridges.

If you have ended with cartridges in battle, do not rush to recharge – use secondary weapons. Change your weapons faster than reloading weapons. Only if the enemy is far away, and you are in the shelter, you can reload your assault rifle and continue the battle.

If you get into battle, look for a shelter, do not open a response fire. If the enemy found you broodly, you are still alive and are in open areas – regard it as a great luck, but do not give the enemy such an opportunity – find the shelter and accept the battle, or leave.

Always keep a fight from a position sitting, or lying – tuck your growth target. The smaller the enemy sees you, the more difficult it is for him to get. It is most difficult to get into the deceitful goal, but not all terrain and shelter reliefs give such an opportunity.

Look into a corner if possible – do not go to the unknown territory in full growth with a quick step. Use available funds to look around the corner. To do this, take a step back, look towards the movement and take small steps in this direction. So you will see the enemy before he is – shoes, equipment element, equipment, weapons – peripheral vision and reaction will do their job will be caught in the eyes.

Try to hold a few grenades at hand – if you are not sure of the safety of the room, but the contact may be inevitable, or you noticed the enemy’s movement – start the battle with a grenade. The throw of the fragmentation grenade will at least force the enemy to take measures against it – to go into shelter or discard it. Immediately after the explosion, you can go into the room, but not earlier. When you throw a grenade, you get down, and not up – so that it does not shit back in you against the wall, or another confusion.

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